6 DIY whitening masks make you white

_1 6 DIY whitening masks make you white In the fall, whitening is just right. Whether it’s an alternative “beautiful” girl or a sunny beauty by the beach, in this autumn and high season, they want to come back quickly. However, the expensive whitening needles in the beauty salons and the valuable whitening products in […]

Autumn Sleeping TCM Cheats

Autumn Sleeping TCM Cheats If you ca n’t eat or move, close your eyes and wake up to achieve health effects. I believe this is very attractive to urban people who are afraid of trouble. This is the most trouble-free health method. One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. The correct way […]

Ancient rice soup

锘? Ancient “rice soup” First of all, what is “rice oil”? 銆€銆€Rice oil is a layer of porridge oil that is condensed on the surface of a pot of porridge or rice. It must be the top layer of thick juice. Its sweet taste is sweet, it can nourish yin and have a good nourishing […]

9 Health care about letting nature go

9 Health care about letting nature go Health: Three nutritional lung-protecting soups that smokers must drink. Diet and health: A large inventory of vegetables and vegetables in autumn. The best method of diet and health in autumn is now spreading at home and abroad. . hzh{display:none;}  “1″ 代表健康,“0”代表事业、财富、才智、友情、亲情、爱情……等。If there is a “1”, then the “0” after […]

Fafu is a manifestation of disease

锘? “Fafu” is a manifestation of disease Some friends think that they are well maintained, their weight is up to standard, and their body is okay. The stomach is a bit big, and the jeans are occasionally not buckled. Advise him to exercise more, especially to reduce the stomach, but he confirmed that the man […]