Watch out for six fat signals in winter


Watch out for six fat signals in winter

How to prevent obesity?

Winter is a season that is easy to gain weight, but many millimeters are not noticed under the wrap of cotton coats. When spring comes, I know that I am fat, what should I do?

Below are the six signs of getting fat in winter. If you have these conditions, you should start paying attention.

銆€銆€Signal 1: Expected specific weights Whether you are gradually salty or sweet, the food taste is light, if you find that your taste has changed, and the change is more obvious, in addition to considering whether the body lacks certain trace elements, veryThere may be a metabolic condition.

Too much sourness will cause excessive secretion of digestive juice. Excessive salty taste will cause imbalance of osmotic pressure. Too much sweetness will lead to too high conversion. In short, this is a very obvious sign of getting fat.

銆€銆€Signal 2: Although the recipe is single, although there is no high-heat and high-fat food, it is a fixed food every day, so long-term will lead to nutritional imbalance.

Many metabolisms and reactions in the body require a lot of trace elements to participate. If the diet is too single, the metabolic rate will drop. Even if you don’t eat too much, you will still get fat.

Therefore, it is recommended that mm eat a balanced, especially fruit and vegetables are undeniable.

銆€銆€Signal 3: There is a problem with the detoxification mechanism. If the detoxification is smooth before, you will start to have dry stools or even constipation. If you have red urine or even dysuria in your urine, your body may be overheated or seriously deficient in vitamins and fiber.

The body’s detoxification is also the source of weight gain, and it brings similar sub-health symptoms such as insomnia, mouth sores, acne, learn to drink warm water, eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of fried, roasted and grilled foods.Has a very good effect.

銆€銆€Signal 4: Adding food to add to the habits The metabolism of the human body is not constant every day. In addition, women also have a physiological period of change, and it is likely that they will suddenly not be felt at some point.

Occasionally, it is acceptable to add more energy in the winter. It is normal to consume more energy in the winter to prevent the cold. It is normal to increase the situation. However, if the frequency is too high, you should pay attention to the signal that it may be obesity.

銆€銆€When you add a meal, try to choose low-calorie foods to avoid getting fat.

However, if you find that your meal is becoming a habit, it is very uncomfortable to eat without eating every day. It is necessary to be alert to the fact that the body has formed an unhealthy eating habit, and the transformation will accumulate in the body.It is easy to gain weight.

銆€銆€Signal 5: Weight gain 4 kg or more Do you think that weight gain is the weight of the weight?

Regular measurement of body weight is a good way to monitor body size, but in fact this measurement method is not completely accurate, because the body’s normal weight range is less than 4 kg, that is to say, to really gain weight, the difference in weight should be at least 4 kg.The above is accurate.

If your weight value appears frequently above this value red light, then quickly measure the circumference of the body with a tape measure, including waist circumference, chest circumference, hip circumference, leg circumference and arm circumference, and find the root cause of fat.

銆€銆€Signal 6: If you can’t find the right clothes, you should start to change the right clothes in the winter. If you find that you can’t find the right one after the clothes are recycled last year, if you feel very tight when you wear them, then you are 100%.I am already getting fat.

Clothing is the best size, especially for jeans with low tightness, cloth pants, whether you are fat or not.

If you meet this one, quickly control your diet and start losing weight.