6 DIY whitening masks make you white


6 DIY whitening masks make you white

In the fall, whitening is just right.

Whether it’s an alternative “beautiful” girl or a sunny beauty by the beach, in this autumn and high season, they want to come back quickly.

However, the expensive whitening needles in the beauty salons and the valuable whitening products in skin care counters can make you shy.

In fact, whitening does not have to be expensive, and cheap DIY can do it.

  Below, I will introduce 6 DIY whitening masks for you, so that you can restore moisture and whiteness in autumn.

  White and Angelica Xinyi Mask Ingredients: Angelica, White and, Winter Melon Kernel, Xinyi, Honey each amount.

  Method: Grind the above ingredients into very fine powder, add honey to make a paste.

  To use: Avoid eyes, lips, apply to face and complications, wash after 20 minutes.

Beauty effect 2-3 times a week: accelerate metabolism; nourish skin, improve dull skin tone, nourish whitening, make skin white and red, smooth and jade.

  Tip: Suitable for yellowish and rough skin.

  Carrot powdered egg yolk mask ingredients: carrot half root, 1 egg yolk, appropriate amount of powdered flour.

  Method: Take fresh carrots, grind them after washing, add in powder and egg yolk and stir together.

  How to use: After washing your face, apply carrot powder mask on the face for 20 minutes, then wash it off with water.

  Cosmetic effect: This carrot and powdered egg yolk mask contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which can make rough skin white and delicate, and also has the effect of removing wrinkles.

  Tip: For people who often stay up late, carrots are experts in skin care.

It can quickly restore the rough skin caused by labor.

  Ingredients for tofu yeast mask: 50 grams of tofu, 15 grams of yeast powder.

  Method: Put the tofu in a bowl and mash it, then add yeast powder to make a paste.

  Usage: Align a small amount of mask with fingertips evenly, avoid eyes and lips, and massage from inside to outside in a circular motion.

After 5 minutes, apply the remaining mask evenly on the face, and leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse off with water.

  Cosmetic effect: It can effectively whiten the skin, balance the skin’s water and oil components, promote pore shrinkage, make the skin delicate, and effectively prevent the generation of acne.

Tofu contains protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, nicotinic acid and calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients, which can effectively nourish the skin, whiten and delicate the skin, and use the yeast powder to evenly mix it.
  TIPS: Allow the mask to stand for 12 hours, so that the tofu and yeast powder are fully integrated, and used every other day, the effect is doubled.

  Ingredients of yam silkworm mask: 15 grams of yam, 5 grams of white silkworm, 10 grams of white worm, honey, mineral water.

  Method: Grind yam, white silkworm, and white pupa into fine powder, store it in a clean glass bottle after sieving, and use it.

Jiang honey and mineral water are replaced by 5: 1.

Take an appropriate amount of powder and mix with honey water to make a paste.

  Usage: Use a special soft brush to dip the mask to avoid the eyes, apply the lips evenly on the shoulders, and wash them when they are dry.

  Beauty effect: White silkworm contains protein, trace amount, and a mask with nutrient-rich yam can strengthen the moisturizing effect and whiten the skin.

  Huaihua corn bran bran mask ingredients: 3 grams of locust flower, 10 grams of corn, 25 grams of bran, 500 ml of water.

  Method: Put the locust flower, corn shavings and bran into the pot, add water to boil and then cook for 5 minutes, filter and extract the juice.

  Usage: The temperature of the medicinal solution is increased by 40 ° C, dipped in a towel, massaged on the face, and washed after 15 minutes.

Use 2-3 times a week for 5 weeks.

Alternatively, after concentrating the medicinal solution, add flour, mix thoroughly, and apply on the face.

  Beauty effect: whitening and moisturizing, smooth skin.

  Ingredients of papaya honey mask: 1 papaya, 2 spoons of fresh milk, 2 spoons of honey.

  Method: dig out the papaya flesh with a spoon, put it in a bowl, mash it into a mud, slowly add fresh milk and honey to the papaya puree, and stir evenly until it becomes a paste.

  Usage: After washing the face, apply it on the face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes (after applying on the face, cover it with a wet hot towel or use a commercially available paper mask to help absorption), and then rinse with watercan.  Beauty effect: whitening and rejuvenating.

Papaya contains very precious natural fruit enzymes. In addition to antioxidant and promoting the normal metabolism of the skin, it can also deeply clean the dirt in the pores, condense the pores, quickly whiten and tenderen the skin, and fade the spots.

Papaya B vitamins also rejuvenate tired skin and revitalize the skin.