Fafu is a manifestation of disease

“Fafu” is a manifestation of disease

Some friends think that they are well maintained, their weight is up to standard, and their body is okay. The stomach is a bit big, and the jeans are occasionally not buckled.
Advise him to exercise more, especially to reduce the stomach, but he confirmed that the man reached this age, a bit of normal stomach, and then said that the physical examination results did not find any problems, do not worry.
銆€銆€The waist circumference is considered to be “middle-aged blessing”. The waist circumference of men is 鈮?0 cm, and the waist circumference of women is 鈮?0 cm, which is beyond the limit of abdominal fat accumulation.
銆€銆€Obesity is the beginning of the disease. In fact, high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and obesity can lead to acute and malignant cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergencies.
The first signal is obesity.
The “middle-aged blessing” and “general belly” are signs of obesity and a precursor to the onset of disease.
Because the excess nutrients are synthesized into thick fat, attached to the abdomen, and some deposit on the intestinal wall and internal organs, especially in the Chinese, the visceral fat is very common.
銆€銆€Some people say that “middle-aged blessings” and “general belly” are a blessing, but it is the beginning of the disease.
Moreover, men who are obese in women’s abdomen are more susceptible to various chronic diseases.
For example, a waist-skinned man has a four-fold chance of developing diabetes, which is normal waist circumference.
On the other hand, 80% of patients with type 2 diabetes have excessive waist circumference.
And the longer the time exceeds the standard, the higher the chance of illness.
In addition, the greater the waist circumference, the higher the risk of hypertension. The waist circumference is thicker at 20-30 years old, and the incidence of hypertension is 1 times higher than that of normal waist circumference; the waist circumference is thicker and higher at the age of 40 or 50.The incidence of blood pressure is 50% higher than those with normal waist circumference.
銆€銆€In addition, abdominal obesity is more prone to atherosclerosis, the probability of sudden cerebral hemorrhage, is the normal waist circumference.
6 times.
At present, more and more young people, even teenagers, have raised their big belly that does not match their age. This must be taken seriously.
銆€銆€Paying attention to the waistline helps prevent disease. Both men and women must pay close attention to their waist circumference changes.
When wearing pants, if you find that your waist is tight, you should be alert to whether your recent eating habits are normal and how often you exercise.
At home, you may wish to prepare a tape measure, preferably in a conspicuous position, to develop the habit of regular waist circumference.
When measuring the quantity, stand upright and measure the circumference of the horizontal line of the navel with a ruler. Measure three times in succession and take the average value. This is the accurate waist circumference.