Four easy-to-understand tips for urban white-collar workers

Four easy-to-understand tips for urban white-collar workers

Question: In modern society, regardless of study, work pressure is getting greater and greater. When we shout “stress”, we will even suffer from not having time to relieve tension.

How can I do it scientifically and decompressed during busy study and work?

  Answer: Decompression helps to balance the mind. It can help young children and white-collar workers who are shouldering the backbone of society to invest in their studies and work with a better mood and physical state.

Aware of their current busy and busy lives, I recommend multiple alternative scientific methods for your reference.

  First, shout decompression: shout out if you are upset.

  Shouting and releasing stress is a time-honored tradition in prestigious American universities.

Even in prestigious schools like Harvard and Yale, students are used to soothing tensions in this way.

The pressure of modern life is heavy. Why not release your feelings and find a space to shout out all the troubles?

  Second, exercise decompression: Let the “happiness factor” take the lead.

  Do you know what a “happy factor” is?

“Happiness factor” is a kind of body hormone called nopaline. When the exercise reaches a certain amount, the nopaline effect produced by the body can delight the nerves and even take away stress and unhappiness.

Therefore, the right amount of exercise can make people dispel dissatisfaction and stress, and can restore calm thinking.

  Third, laugh decompression: Let’s “smile proud” pressure.

  When the stress is bothering you, watching a small movie where someone ca n’t help but laugh, you can also have a black humor joke, or a nonsense funny dialogue, which can transfer your worried emotions.

After you laugh, look back and you will find that the original problem does not seem to give you a headache.

  Fourth, chewing gum decompression: “chew” the pressure together.

  In addition to the appearance of COOL, the more important chewing gum can help reduce stress and relax.

Psychologists use the latest technology from electroencephalography (EEG) and found that chewing gum can cause a brain wave to increase, helping to ease daily tension and stress.

  Fifth, decompression of writing: a “writing” pressure thousands of miles away.

  Too much “can’t say stress” makes you cry out of nowhere?

Find a secret space and write them all!

“Write stress to light” is a decompression method worth promoting. Studies have shown that using this method, the body will have better immune function.

Psychologists have also found that people who continue to write about stress and troubles have a more positive attitude and are gradually replacing them.