70% of women and 80% of men often have sexual dreams

70% of women and 80% of men often have sexual dreams

A new survey shows that 70% of women and 80% of men often have sex scenes in their dreams.

Russian “Health” magazine has reported that in the deep sleep stage, the human body naturally enters the state of sexual excitement 4-5 times. At this time, blood will be perfused to the sexual organs, males will show penile erections, and female vagina will be wet.

Some people also said that if they wake up at this time, they can still remember the sweet and warm sexual love in their dreams.

  According to Freud, there are three types of factors that cause sexual dreams: first, the environment and the physical-induced stimuli.

In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Jia Baoyu took a nap in Qin Keqing’s room. The extremely elegant decoration and atmosphere in the room are likely to be the environmental stimulating factors that led to his dreams.

Second, the remnant effect of daytime activities, that is, “think about the day and dream at the night.”

The third is the display of subconscious content.

  Sexual dreams, as a natural vent of libido, can restore accumulated sexual tension and thus become a “safety valve”.

  Generally speaking, women in their 40s and men in their 20s are most likely to fall into seductive sexual dreams.

From the perspective of sexual medicine, it is more difficult for men and women in these two age groups to obtain sexual satisfaction, and sexual dreams can be an outlet.

In addition, sexual excitement at night has multiple protective effects on the human body, such as improving, enriching and understanding sexual life, and making people suffer from mental stress.

Therefore, sexual dreams are not obscene or rampant; on the contrary, it is a manifestation of normal sexual psychology and sexual physiology, and a sign of healthy human functioning.

  Although sexual dreams have all kinds of benefits, some people will experience nervousness, worry, and other adverse reactions after sexual dreams. In fact, this need not be the case.

These reactions are mainly caused by a lack of correct and scientific understanding and an excessive psychological burden.

  Of course, if you are always repeating the same sexual dreams, you should also be alert, which may be a precursor to some serious diseases.

And dreaming about the same thing over and over again for a long time can easily lead to a heavy psychological burden. It is best to go to a psychiatrist for treatment.