Multivitamin tablets health products should not be taken blindly


Multivitamin tablets health products should not be taken blindly

First of all, the nutrient structure of the health care product is changed or destroyed during the refining process. Even if it is refined by pure natural plants, its nutritional structure is often single, and the human body is composed of various nutrients.Implantation of a certain nutrient can lead to a lack of other nutrients.

This is the principle of wooden barrels in nutrition.

If you really have special needs, listen to your doctor’s advice.

For example: vitamin A, many people take it regularly to maintain the skin. I don’t know that vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. It needs the participation of vitamin B in the metabolism of the human body. If too much, the body is not easy to discharge. In order to prevent oxidation, vitamin E participation is needed.Therefore, taking a single vitamin A without special needs may lead to a deficiency of vitamin B group and vitamin E.

So how can people who want to maintain their bodies, especially women, fully replenish the nutrients they need to maintain their metabolism?

Xiaobian will take you from the natural world to find a safe and comprehensive source of nutrition.

Natural drink supplemented with vitamins: a section of celery, a bell pepper, a lettuce, and a cucumber.

Blended together, it contains not only a lot of vitamin A, but also vitamin C and bioactive enzymes. The gift of nature every day is better than all kinds of unknown nutrients, and the most important safety, natural and young.should.
So no trouble, just for safety.

In addition, the grain vegetables should be a little bit lighter, especially middle-aged and elderly.


How to choose a proprietary Chinese medicine for spleen

Commonly used Chinese medicines for spleen are: ginseng Jianpi pill, Fuzi Lizhong Pill, Buzhong Yiqi Pill, Bupiyichang Pill, Liujunzi Pill, Shenqi Baizhu San and so on.

If only the spleen is not well digested, it will be good if the stomach swells for an hour. After no other symptoms, you can take ginseng Jianpi Pills or Liujunzi Pills. Even a month or so will have a good therapeutic effect.

If the digestion is OK, it is usually diarrhea, it is afraid of cold, diarrhea when it is cold, abdominal pain and bloating, sometimes accompanied by fatigue, limbs have no strength, this may be spleen and stomach deficiency, then take Fuzi Lizhong pills or spleen and bowelPills, these two drugs have the effect of strengthening the spleen and warming.

If you go to the hospital to check for stomach ptosis or uterine ptosis, rectal prolapse and other visceral drooping disease, accompanied by fatigue, eating less bloating, sputum stagnation for a long time, the symptoms of anal fall, you can take Buzhong Yiqi pills.

If the spleen is wet, there is a spleen deficiency, the body is weak, the food is less, the sputum is full, the body is thin, the tongue is fat, and there is tooth edema or edema. At this time, you can take Shenqi Baizhu Pill or spleen and dampness.