Five types of cold-resistant foods to help your baby survive the winter _1

Five types of cold-resistant foods to help your baby survive the winter

The cold winter is here, and the babies have far less cold resistance and physical resistance than adults.

Winter is a good season for nourishment. Many adults will take this opportunity to take health supplements or supplements. However, it is not appropriate for babies to supplement adult health supplements, and it is also inappropriate to eat nourishing and strengthening foods (such as ginseng, soft-shelled turtles, etc.).
Then as moms, they should arrange winter diets reasonably, so that they can survive the cold winter safely.

  In addition to the daily care of the baby, if the mother can understand the basic principles of the winter diet during this period, she can start with the diet to enhance the baby’s cold resistance and disease resistance.

In fact, in any season, the baby must pay attention to the amount of food three meals a day, the food group, vegetable group, fruit group, animal food group, dairy products and soy products group, all five types of food groups must beEssential.

  Winter vegetables are a treasure Some babies “hate” eating vegetables, or they have few varieties of vegetables to eat.

At this time, the mother should not rush to force the baby to eat, because it will make the baby even more disgusted with vegetables.

It is better to change the method and start with expanding the variety of vegetables, for example: green leafy vegetables (such as greens, spinach, basil, bean sprouts, etc.), cabbage vegetables (such as cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.), and root vegetables (such as potatoes,Radish, winter bamboo shoots, carrots, etc.), mushrooms and other vegetables to choose his favorite vegetables.

However, this process may be a bit long. In order for the baby to accept the vegetable diet, the mother still has to be patient, patient, and patient.

  Choose warm foods In winter, mothers should choose warm foods.

Fruits eaten in the past winter: for example, apples, pears, kiwis, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, etc .; animal foods for winter: for example, pork, beef, lamb, chicken, fish, shrimp, etc.

Soy products are very good raw materials for high temperatures in winter. For example, dried tofu is cooked with braised pork, lactone tofu is used as meat stew or fish stew, cabbage pork tofu pot, etc., are all nutritional dishes suitable for babies.

  Many mothers believe that in the winter, only by giving your baby more high protein and high trace foods can it resist the cold weather; in fact, modern scientific research proves that in cold climates, the endocrine system of the body is also mobilized, making the body ‘sIncreased heat production capacity.

  Therefore, the energy we need in winter is not much different from other seasons.

There is no need to give your baby extra food to get more energy.

  To improve cold resistance, vitamins are indispensable. Baby’s outdoor activities in winter are relatively reduced, and the duration of exposure to sunlight is also short, which is prone to vitamin D deficiency.

This requires the mother to supplement the baby with vitamin D on a regular basis, 400 units 2-3 times a week.

  The cold climate accelerates the human body’s oxidative function, and the metabolism of vitamin B1 and B2 is also significantly accelerated. Pay attention to timely supplementation in the diet.

Vitamin A can strengthen the body’s cold resistance, vitamin C can improve the body’s ability to adapt to cold, and has a good protective effect on blood vessels.

Therefore, in the winter, babies should eat more vitamin foods.

  Don’t be afraid of cold, eat a diet containing inorganic salts. Medical research has shown that if the body is rich in inorganic salts, it is easy to feel cold. To help the baby to resist the cold, it is recommended that the mother let him ingest more vegetables with roots, such as carrots, in winter., Potatoes, yam, sweet potatoes, coriander and greens, Chinese cabbage and so on.

These vegetables contain inorganic hydrochloride in their rhizomes.

Bed expectation of 8 hours, estimated to be severe

Bed expectation of 8 hours, estimated to be severe

When Urban Bear was the moderator of “Shenzhen Community Health Life”, he encountered such a thing: a “weekend football version” organized a football match.

A netizen works in a unit in Guangzhou and is also a football fan.

The night before, the netizen worked overtime in the unit, worked overnight, and worked until the next morning.

The football match started at 2 pm. He rushed from Guangzhou to Shenzhen after working overtime, and had no time to eat.

After the match started, the netizen couldn’t hold back and played football. After 15 minutes, he couldn’t support and sweated all over.
We say that ginseng is life-saving. In this case, it is reflected. The value of the millennium ginseng can only be realized in this case, and it can be exchanged for a life.)

After approaching the hospital, he died of ineffective rescue.

The hospital’s plasma was high blood pressure.

Although this netizen has always been healthy, there is no problem in physical examination every year, and it is no problem to often play football, but this time he died in football. It is a pity that the boy in his twenties is a pity.

  We will not discuss whether this netizen has any hidden diseases.

What the urban bear wants to tell everyone is that people can’t be overly tired, and when people are overloaded with work, problems will definitely occur.

Normal people must stay in bed for no less than 8 a day?
9 hours, for the patient, the bed time should reach 10?
20 hours.

8 hours is the bottom line. About 8 hours, the body will definitely go downhill.

Many friends shorten their bed time by 8 hours a day, no problem for one day, no problem for two days, or even one or two months, but it will definitely cause problems twice a year.

Wouldn’t it be too late to make up for it when it goes wrong?

It is often said that youth for tomorrow, but this desperate approach is not desirable.

  The urban bear says that he stays in bed for 8 hours, not 8 hours of sleep.

These two are different. Of course, it is best to sleep for 8 hours. If you can’t sleep, you have to stay in bed for at least 8 hours.

Why is this required?

Humans are rare animals that can stand upright, even the only animal that can stand upright with two legs.

Of course, animals such as bears, orangutans, and monkeys know how to walk upright, but these animals still crawl when they are left.

What’s the difference between crawling and standing?

From a mechanical point of view, when standing upright, the direction of the spine force is vertical, and when crawling or lying in bed, the direction of the spine force is horizontal.

Although the human body has evolved to be able to walk upright, the spine also adapts to the upright state, but it can not last. Every day must have a certain time to lie down to allow the spine to relax and repair.

From our experience, normal people must stay in bed for 8 hours a day!

  Urban people are very hard. What the urban bear wants to say is that no matter how hard or tired you are, being in bed for 8 hours a day can ensure that your body is not overdrawn. This is the basis for working hard.

  Intervertebral disc herniation and maintenance of spinal diseases 1.

Keep warm.

When the weather is cold, you should pay attention to clothing; when you are out in the rain and cold, cook with ginger sugar water; add a vest to protect the affected area and so on.


Sleep without pillows or soft, thin pillows.

“Sit back and relax” is wrong for patients with spinal diseases.

How thick a pillow should a person fit?

Legend of your palm, see how thick your palm is, and how thick your pillow should be.


Sleep on a hard board bed.
Simmons on the market can’t meet the requirements, so either expensive or good.

Most brown pads are basically satisfactory.

Many people in the south like to sleep on bamboo mats. In fact, this habit is not good.

Because the bamboo mat transfers heat quickly, the body is vulnerable to cold.

It is more appropriate for patients with herniated discs.


Avoid avoiding sports, avoiding bouncing, lifting heavy objects and other spinal stress exercises.


Pay attention to rest, do not get tired, rest in bed.

Generally, healthy people should stay in bed for more than 8 hours a day, and patients should stay in bed for 10?
20 hours.


Often do the first form, the second form of urban bear health.

The specific content is introduced in the chapter of Urban Xiong Liangfang.


Using hot packs can effectively relieve pain in the affected area.

There are many ways to apply hot packs, and hot pack hot packs are the most convenient way.

For other hot compress methods, stir-fry the coarse salt slightly and put it in a cloth bag.effect.

A more professional approach is to perform moxibustion on the affected area, which can often have an immediate effect (under the guidance of a professional Chinese physician).


Many patients like to do massage, cupping, and so on.

It is important to note that incorrect massage or cupping can aggravate the condition.


Many patients think that yoga is helpful for rehabilitation.

In fact, yoga has many movements that are not suitable for patients with spinal injuries. Forcibly doing these movements can also worsen the condition.

  Protection of hypertension My opinion on hypertension is that it is a symptom rather than a cause.

  Let me analyze hypertension with everyone.

There are more than 90 causes of hypertension, one of which is typically called nephrogenic hypertension, which is caused by kidney disease or vascular abnormalities.

Friends may be wondering why kidney problems cause high blood pressure?

The human body is a wonderful system. When the kidneys have problems, in order to make the kidneys work properly, the human body will raise blood pressure to maintain normal kidney function.

So what kind of kidney disease can cause hypertension?

From the perspective of western medicine, this is an abnormality of renal blood vessels, and from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is kidney deficiency and blood stasis.

  In this analysis, do you have a little understanding of hypertension?

For example, everyone may understand better. Some of us use water pipes to water the flowers. If we squeeze the outlet of the water pipe tightly, the water outlet is small, the pressure of water will appear, and the water can shoot farther. HypertensionThat’s how it happened.

  There are two treatments here, one is to directly lower blood pressure.

Taking the watering just now as an example, the water faucet is turned off a little, so the pressure will naturally come down.

Western medicine is more effective than traditional Chinese medicine in this respect, and the effect of antihypertensive drugs is obvious.

In a sense, there is no antihypertensive drug in traditional Chinese medicine, and the proprietary Chinese antihypertensive drug that mimics western medicine on the surface of the city is unreasonable, because Chinese medicine does not treat the disease this way.

The method of directly lowering blood pressure has a very direct effect, and the blood pressure soon drops, which avoids the damage of high blood pressure on other organs and the risk of stroke.

The problem is that if the cause is not eliminated, kidney function will decline, and kidney disease may worsen.
  Another treatment is to find the cause of hypertension directly.

In the case of nephrogenic hypertension, Western medicine may find abnormal renal blood vessels through angiography, and such diseases can be effectively treated by stent placement.
Through analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency and blood stasis may be found, and kidney tonic and stasis can also achieve effective treatment.

  Fundamental nephrogenic hypertension. Almost all hypertension can follow this treatment idea.

The first treatment is simple and everyone can use it.

According to the second treatment method, whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, more effort and effort are needed to obtain the therapeutic effect.

  Here are some suggestions for patients with hypertension: 1.

Hypertension is divided into mild hypertension and severe hypertension.

For patients with severe hypertension, Urban Bear strongly recommends buying a sphygmomanometer, preparing antihypertensive drugs, and measuring blood pressure often. If you feel high and uncomfortable, take antihypertensive drugs immediately.

Through the above analysis, we know that the antihypertensive drugs of western medicine are very effective antihypertensive drugs.


Mild hypertension does not need to pay too much attention to the level of blood pressure, but it is more important to pay attention to one’s physical feelings.

And everyone’s blood pressure does not apply a completely uniform standard.

Full of his own feelings are truthfully reflected to the attending doctor, especially the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.


The mentality of patients with hypertension is very important. Keep your mentality steady and never get angry.

Normal people get angry and their blood pressure rises. Hypertensive patients are even more angry. Rage and anger are not just idioms, they really do.

For your own body, please make small things small, small things small and small things are just fine.


Hypertension involves the problem of “stasis”, and everything is appropriate.

The most basic requirement is to maintain the “three links”-bowel movements, daily normal bowel movements; urine passages; sweating passages, to maintain a slight sweating.


Many people with hypertension have sleep problems, and sleep is very important.

8 hours a day is the most basic requirement. For patients, it is best to keep 10?
20 hours of bed time.


When it comes to sleeping, there are two other important points. One is the low pillow. The height of the pillow does not exceed the thickness of the palm.

Another requirement is a hard bed, a bed as hard as a wooden board will not suffer from backache when sleeping (advertisement of a mattress many years ago).


The first and second forms of urban bear health care are also effective methods of dredging.

The specific content is introduced in the chapter “City Bear Liangfang”.


Many friends asked whether Panax notoginseng is effective for controlling hypertension.

Panax notoginseng can effectively pass blood stasis, and is effective for hypertension caused by blood stasis.

Friends can try this recipe. If it works, and the body does not feel uncomfortable, you can continue to take it, but be careful not to overdo it.

  In addition, the treatment plan needs to be different from person to person. It is best to consult your Chinese medicine practitioner and trust your feelings.

Healthy drinking beer to prevent beer disease

Healthy drinking beer to prevent beer disease

Beer is rich in nutrients such as sugars, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts, and various trace elements. It is called “liquid bread”, and it has a certain effect to supplement, improve appetite, promote digestion and eliminate fatigue.

However, medical research in recent years has found that if someone drinks a large amount of beer for a long time, the body will cause damage. Experts call it “beer disease.”

  ☆ Beer heart In alcoholic beverages, the alcohol content of beer is the least. The alcohol content of one liter of beer is equivalent to the alcohol content of more than one or two white spirits, so many people regard beer as a summer drink.

But if you drink indiscriminately, the alcohol accumulated in the body will damage liver function, increase the burden on the kidneys, and trace cell infiltration in myocardial tissue will weaken myocardial function and cause cardiac tachycardia; plus excess fluid will cause blood circulationIncreased and increased the burden on the heart, resulting in myocardial hypertrophy, enlarged ventricular volume, forming a “beer heart”.

In the long run, it can cause heart failure and heart rhythm disorders.

  ☆ Beer belly Because of the rich nutrition of beer and large heat production, long-term large-scale merger will cause a slight accumulation in the body, which will cause bowel movement and form a “beer belly”.

This can easily lead to blood lipids and elevated blood pressure.

  ☆ Related data on stones and gout also show that in patients with atrophic gastritis, urinary stones, etc., a large amount of beer injection can cause recurrence or exacerbation of old diseases.

This is because the barley wort for brewing beer contains calcium, oxalic acid, uridine, and purine nucleotides. These interactions can more than double the amount of uric acid in the human body, not only promote the formation of bile duct stones, but alsoInducing gout.

  ☆ A large amount of inflammatory beer supplements will damage the gastric mucosa, cause gastritis and peptic ulcers, and cause symptoms such as epigastric discomfort, loss of appetite, abdominal distension and acid reflux.

  ☆ Cancer drinking too much beer will reduce the body’s ability to respond.

American cancer experts have found that people who drink a lot of beer are three times more likely to develop oral and esophageal cancer than those who drink hard alcohol.

  ☆ Lead poisoning contains lead in beer brewing raw materials. After repeated repetition, the blood lead content will increase, which will cause people’s intelligence to decline, slow response, and damage to the reproductive system in severe cases; senile dementia is easy to cause in old age.

  ☆ Reasonable beer: the right amount should be the right amount first.

Adult intake should not exceed 300 ml (less than a can), 500 ml (a beer bottle) per day, and it is more convenient to change 100-200 ml each time.

The first is moderate temperature.

The optimal temperature for beer is 12 ℃ -15 ℃. At this time, the aroma and foam are in the best state, and the refreshing taste is most obvious.

Furthermore, it should not be served with salted and smoked food.

Pleasant to eat fruit and light levels, peanut rice is the best beer drink.

bad temper?

You may be deficient

bad temper?
You may be deficient

You may find it difficult, can nutrition even be “friend” with your temper?

Yes, a lack of B vitamins can lead to a change in temper.


hzh{display:none;}  B族维生素主要有维生素B1、维生素B2、维生素B6和维生素B12等。Among them, vitamin B1 is called “psychic vitamin”, which has a certain effect on our nervous tissue and mental state; vitamin B6 is involved in tryptophan, sugar and estrogen metabolism; vitamin B12 is responsible for nucleic acid and amino acid metabolism, and alsoManages the presets of the human nervous system.

Therefore, it is not serious that B vitamins affect mood indirectly through indirect effects on the nervous system.

  If the body lacks vitamin B1, it may make us grumpy and moody.

This reminds everyone, do not always eat fine grains, and adjust to eat coarse grains, such as oats, millet, corn, whole wheat bread, etc. These are vitamin B1 foods.

In addition, drinking as little as possible, preferably not drinking, can also reduce the loss of vitamin B1.

  The effect of vitamin B6 on women is more obvious, especially for women who take oral contraceptives, they should increase the intake of vitamin B6. If the supplement is insufficient, it is easy to be emotional, sleepy and irritable.

However, many people not only do not have some of these, but also actively give up vitamin B6 supplements for reasons such as weight loss.

If you want to improve the situation, eat more grains and vegetables, such as soybeans, peanuts, and cabbage.

Meanwhile, lamb, beef, and pork are all natural vitamin B6 supplements.

  Vitamin B12 deficiency can make you feel brain-ridden and even a little unresponsive.

May wish to feed your brain with food first, such as eating more animal livers, red meat, eggs, milk and so on.

This will provide sufficient energy to the brain.

  Experts remind that nutritional deficiencies are a cause of bad temper. We must pay attention to the comprehensive and balanced replacement of nutrition in our daily diet.

At the same time, in order to reduce the loss of B vitamins, it is best not to overcook, fry, fry, or cook while cooking.

Five of the five blueberries you eat protect your eyesight and your health

Five of the five blueberries you eat protect your eyesight and your health

Blueberries are known as “Super Fruits”. Do you know what good it is to eat blueberries?

Here are some health things you may not know about blueberries . Eye protection: Rich amino acids, trace elements, anthocyanins have a good ground effect on eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

  Cosmetic effect: Anthocyanins in blueberries have strong antioxidant properties, can fight free radicals, delay aging, and prevent degenerative changes in cells.

  Antithrombotic effect: Anthocyanins in blueberries have a certain effect on preventing platelet coagulation and arteriosclerosis.

  Relief effect of uremia: Substituted trace elements in blueberries have a certain relief effect on uremia and kidney disease.

  Weight loss effect: The polyphenols in blueberries have a good effect on slight decomposition.

7 benefits of drinking three cups of tea a day

7 benefits of drinking three cups of tea a day

Drinking more tea has many benefits.

According to the latest foreign media reports, Simon Gippence, a professor of plant chemistry at the University of London’s Pharmacist College, said that drinking three cups of tea a day can exert a variety of disease-resistant health effects.

  Professor Gippens suggested that one cup of tea in the morning, at night and evening should be brewed for at least 5 minutes to allow the active ingredients in the tea to decompose into hot water.

Black tea, green tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Most major teas contain a variety of antioxidants that promote health.

Due to the protein in milk, drinking tea with milk is more conducive to the health effects of tea, but sugar has no such effect.


Reducing stroke risk: A 15-year study in the Netherlands found that drinking black tea without milk can reduce the risk of stroke.

US studies have found that 5 times the tea polyphenols in black tea can reduce necrotic cholesterol by 11% and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Tea polyphenols also have the effect of improving vascular function.


Promote digestive function: Green tea (unprocessed) helps stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promotes food digestion.

Green tea can also block absorption by 30% of adults, and has a weight loss effect.

Mint tea can promote digestion, ginger tea can cure nausea (especially pregnancy reaction), and fennel tea can prevent constipation, inhalation of flatulence and abdominal cramps.


The brain is more flexible: British studies have found that caffeine and L-theanine in black tea can improve cognitive ability, and drinking a cup of black tea can improve concentration.

In addition, drinking more than 100 ml of tea (or coffee) daily can reduce the risk of gliomas (the most common brain tumor) by 34%.


Reduce cancer risk: Tea (especially green tea) contains 8 times more polyphenol antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. This substance can stop and prevent growth.

A Taiwan study found that 1 cup of green tea per day can reduce the risk of diabetes.

In addition, drinking tea or slowing the progression of prostate cancer reduces the risk of gastric cancer.


Enhance immunity: Harvard research has found that people who drink 5-6 cups of tea a day will have significantly improved immunity, better metabolism and skin health.

Drinking tea also helps identify and fight bacteria and parasites.

Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and stimulating circulation effects, which can relieve migraines.


Protecting teeth: Although drinking tea can cause tooth discoloration, tea polyphenols have antibacterial properties to prevent calculus and prevent dental disease and dental caries.

Both white and green tea have this effect.

Fruit tea is acidic and can damage tooth enamel.


Treatment of insomnia worries: Caffeine content in black tea is high, it is best not to drink before going to bed.

But most herbal teas do not contain caffeine.

Tryptophan and amino acids in chamomile tea can play a calming role, and another substance, chrysin, can alleviate concerns and promote sleep, and treat insomnia.

In addition, lavender flower tea can ease relaxation.

Basil leaf tea has a calming effect.

Divorce woman’s advice to women

Divorce woman’s advice to women

I’m not proud of my divorce, but I look at it positively.

When a friend and I are frustrated by her husband, I will make her believe that such a poor man is not her husband alone.

When my husband pointed out a few of my noisy problems, I knew he was right-three men had said the same thing to me.

  So here I am willing to tell you the cost of four marriages and three divorces.

Here are my suggestions for men and marriage-maybe it can make your marriage relationship more perfect and harmonious.

  1. Do as he asked (sometimes) I used to praise women for their husbands in order to ask them to be a manifestation of control and feminism.

I don’t want to deceive my husband, I want us to be equal.

Now I know that communicating with a man-especially his husband-can satisfy him without losing seriousness.

When he and I do this, I will understand him and be moved by it.

  2. Reveal your inner world No matter what changes have occurred in your life-a new neighbor, a big house, or even a different marriage, only you are the same.

Once or twice, I made some big changes: changing to a new job or ending a relationship a few times, these just show that the tension in life has not been alleviated.

What really needs to adapt is me: my attitude, my thinking, my ability.

One change can expand your sight and complement your enjoyment of life again.

Although sometimes, some changes are only internal.

  3. Don’t let him change. Change yourself. If only he can help you do the laundry, only he can flirt with you.

When I think of these, I have failed.

Making a worksheet for him made him completely powerless.

So I made up my mind to change my situation.

When my husband was ready to do laundry, I would simply say, “Tell me how to use a washing machine without me?”

“I tease with him like this, he will certainly accept my intimate performance.

  4. Sit in the driver’s seat Remember that you are the master of your life.

In my first marriage, I didn’t feel warm and splendid.

When it came time to divorce, I decided to change to the way I like.

But divorce was not avoided because of my change.

This is caused by my cause.

So I know what I need to do when I get married again.

  5. Saying quarrels between good and bad and my husband often scares me.

If we really love each other, how can there be such a quarrel?

But after many years, I admit that the quarrel between the couple has dramatically increased our feelings.

Sometimes mutual understanding happens quietly at a sweet moment.

Sometimes the quarrel was like lighting a torch in the dark, and his loud roar made me know exactly where our division was.

  6. As a doctor, I think back to the mistakes of the past, and I still think they are correct.

A man will only think that they have been scolded.

When I think about the events that happened in the past, I try to deal with it in a more positive manner: “Remember how we used to calculate reductions in consumption?

Have you thought about this again?

I want to hear what you think.

“This method will be more effective than a sudden attack.

  7. Do less and do more. I say more, but do it.For women, dialogue is how we solve problems.

Women always like to talk, and men like to do it.

In retrospect, I often analyze some problems correctly.

I found that when I planned some side actions, I would be very successful.

Along with talking with her husband, it is better to show him the actual results.

  8. Recognize that men are different. This man is not willing to be accused of making the same mistakes as others.

A man should have the right to doubt and be praised for his contribution.

  9. Ignoring small mistakes and sharing the burden of life together need to be strong, whether your roommate is a friend or a husband.

Everyone has their own lifestyle, such as where to put flour and like to eat some kind of jam.

I used to think that my husband should be the same as me, otherwise he would not love me.

Now I know that I should buy two flavors of jam at the same time.

  11, face up to your own shortcomings For a husband who loses his temper every morning, a dim weather, a missed wrestling match.

These are all unpleasant experiences for me.

Now I can face up to the love that exists in everyday life.

Anyone can find feelings from distance.

It can make you tolerant to everyone in life.

  12. I realize that men are the same as many of your husbands. After I have experienced four marriages, I know that no man can let a woman tolerate his snoring, I am really sorry!

  13. Wise quarrels In each marriage, my husband and I have unwillingness to speak out, and quarrels occur when we accidentally raise them.

We have repeated many conflicts for some contradictory disputes, but in the end they have not been resolved.

I later admitted that these were all my sake.

Now I no longer raise these differences on purpose, he also sees my changes.

We all finally know that the existence of differences does not mean that there is no longer love between us.

  14. Release myself Whenever I feel like I’m getting into a dead end, I will blame my husband for making me feel so depressed.

But it turns out that the problem of facts was led by myself.

I hope that we can change our lifestyles frequently, but not participate in the frequent change of schools.

I want to go back to my daily work, and don’t want to be trapped by children too much energy.

Now whenever I feel depressed in my life, I summarize my actions.

Sometimes it is very effective for the first time, sometimes it makes me feel that I have to make some choices myself.

  15. Don’t reject marriage communication. I used to think I could predict the full meaning of marriage for a man.

Looking back carefully, I finally understand that only living together, day by day, you will know whether the person you marry really likes.

But when you can, it’s usually too late.

At that time, the solution might be to give up the marriage communication.

  16. Don’t play Freud’s game precisely because I understand every subtle psychological change of my husband, but this does not mean that I do not want him to cause certain consequences.

In fact, every time I try to proceed, our dispute becomes heated.

This cost me a lot of power and even I have some insights.

I naturally became a clinical medical scientist.

Now, I have learned to understand his changes in an understanding way.

  17. Don’t assume that love is a matter of course. Sexual attraction and deep feelings are magical things, but they are usually subtle things.

When a relationship collides, it manifests itself in its own form.

Sometimes when a disagreement arises, I want to deal with it the correct way I used to, but it is not resolved in the end.I finally acknowledge that long-term marriage relationships also need respect and understanding from each other.

  18. Avoid pointing at me with a finger. A husband likes to point at mistakes. Don’t mind if it’s a mistake or a mistake.

I never mind who made the mistake, I just want to get a solution.

We go back and forth on one question until another new contradiction arises.

Once I told him that no matter whether the problem arises, he will not be accused, I just want to talk to him and get his participation.

His eyebrows opened, and his mood improved significantly. He started to solve problems with me, like a pair of work partners.

  19. A girl who was sensational at school said to my son, “You are a sought-after product.

“My husband is telling the truth:” I hope everyone can tell me this!

“Men like to be praised. Men who praise themselves are even more interesting.

Seize his territory quietly on the shoulder at the dinner, whisper your sexual requirements in his ear, or simply tell him: you love him.

  20. Treat his self-esteem carefully. Whenever I say something sweet, my husband will quickly feel guilty.

Over the years, I can’t understand a simple request, such as wiping a bowl and drying it with a towel-all will really hurt a strong man’s self-esteem.

However, the fact before me proved that I was right-he never washed the dishes again.

Men always want to be perfect and like their own way of doing things, so any other required way of doing things will be an accusation to them, although you do not mean it.

How to say goodbye to your boss

How to say goodbye to your boss

Job-hopping at the end of the year seems to have become a workplace phenomenon.

Although there are year-end awards, year-end gifts, and job promotion that can be seen in the coming year, some people still can’t wait for the Spring Festival and choose “the year-end escape”: leave the resignation letter and leave.

Because the new company drew a bigger and rounder cake, because the new company was anxious to have business to develop.

Therefore, the rule of handing in duties 30 days in advance would not be taken into account, and absenteeism would be absent. It is estimated that the new company has already promised some compensation.

However, the world is large and small, not to mention mixed with a workplace that doesn’t see heads down. In a mature workplace, people should consider more about the impact of their departure on the original company when they resign.Consider reducing your resignation costs.

  Actually resigning is an art.

When you decide to resign, it will almost have an impact on yourself, your colleagues, your boss, and even your department.

Therefore, it is best to submit your resignation directly to your supervisor and state the reasons for your resignation honestly.

Some people may choose to deceive. This method of evasion may avoid embarrassment in the short term, but in case of “wearing out” soon, the truth can be found for the original company, and it is difficult to protect your future credibility.

  In the second step, you should discuss with your supervisor, when to let colleagues know, and how to properly transfer the work.

Some companies have a rigorous agent system to facilitate work, and the transfer process will be easier.

If there is no such system, there are 5 things you must do before leaving.


If you want to take away your own files, you should deal with them before handing in your resignation letter.

Before leaving, he hurriedly prepared to escape the suspicion of “under the gutian field”.


To take away any information, first confirm whether there are intellectual property issues, and do not do things that harm the interests of the original company.


If it is a competing company that entered the original company, try to talk as little as possible about the original company’s competitive strategy and business secrets.

At least, although these may temporarily win the favor of the new owner, and may even increase their salary and position, they will even be stigmatized by betrayal and betrayal.


Avoid interfering with the original company in any way, as this will affect your reputation in the industry.


Don’t actively dig people from the original company into the new company, otherwise the new company will be short-term, but the new company will gradually prevent you from fearing that you will dig a corner when you leave again.

  So, even if you have strong dissatisfaction with the company, you should keep a low profile.

Because it’s difficult for outsiders to figure out what happened and it’s overwhelming, some people can’t help but question your EQ and the way you deal with people.

  Since you want to get rid of the old and the new, and do not hinder the adjustment of your mentality, look forward to everything so that you can have a better development in the new working environment.

Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea

Chinese yam can strengthen the spleen and relieve diarrhea

Yam was originally called Diosu, and the Tang Dynasty was named Li Yu. It was replaced by Yam because of avoidance of taboos; in the Northern Song Dynasty, it was changed to Yam because of avoidance of Song Yingzong and Zhao Shu.

The best produced in Henan Huaiqing Mansion (now Wuxu, Wenxian) is called “Huaishan Yam”.

“Huaishan Yam” was arranged at the Panama World Exposition in 1914, and then it was well-known both at home and abroad. It has always been exported to more than ten countries and regions including Britain and the United States.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said that it has nourishing effects such as tonifying qi, strengthening spleen and strengthening spleen.

  Invigorating the spleen and stopping diarrhea Winter diarrhea is a common disease, some of which are functional, have nothing to do with bacterial or viral infections, and do not need to use antibiotics or the like. At this time, yam can play a role.

It also has a significant effect on mycotic diarrhea. You can cook 500 grams of yam every day and eat it in two or three times.

If it can be ground into yam powder, eat 15 grams at a time.

  Bu Yiqiang usually weak people, yam supplements without heat, warm and not dry, most suitable for the needs of the elderly, often eat beneficial and harmless, eat about 100 grams of yam every day, eat 1?
2 months, qualitative change based on quantitative changes, slowly seeking work.

  Tonic the lungs, moisturize and dry the chronic cough, which can be damaged, you can take yam to reconcile.

Yam is a natural product for nourishing the lungs and moisturizing dryness. It is clinically a good medicine for treating lung cough and asthma.

  Astringent urinary nocturnal emission and frequent urination are caused by kidney deficiency. At the same time that yam nourishes the spleen, it can also nourish the kidney. Taking yam in advance can prevent it from happening, and it is very beneficial to the aforementioned diseases that are likely to worsen in winter.

Eating is simple, not restrictive, but you can always wear it.

  Women with firm astringent leucorrhea, colorless and tasteless, can often take yam to cure it.

Yam has a good function of strengthening the spleen and dampening the skin, and astringent and stops the astringent function. Whether it is under the spleen deficiency or the kidney deficiency, long yam must work.

  Moisturizing and dispelling dry yam can regenerate and moisturize, and has the function of nourishing the skin and hair, so it has a cosmetic effect.

In autumn, the skin is very easy to dry, making people’s hair withered, and their appearance lost, so eating more yam can moisturize the skin and hair.

You can use 500 grams of yam to make porridge and drink it sooner or later.

  Edible skills There are many types of yam on the market. The smooth skin is crispy and tastes more suitable for fried foods, such as yam fried fungus.

Some yam have a curved surface, uneven outer skin, more pits, and stronger hair. This yam has a soft texture and is more suitable for soups, porridges, and desserts.

  Buying skills should first choose complete appearance, straight, uniform thickness, no abnormal spots, no rotten yam.

If the surface is thick and thick, it means that the yam is old. If there are abnormal spots, it may be infected.

Basically, the cross-section of yam should be white in snow, which means it is fresh. Don’t buy it if it is yellow like rust.

Finally, you have to weigh the yam of the same size, the heavier is better.

Honey – the muscle of increasing muscle mass

Honey – the muscle of increasing muscle mass

Previous studies have confirmed that supplementation with protein can enhance muscle recovery after weight-bearing training.

The latest research proves that honey is the best in many cobalt.

  Richard, director of the Sports Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Memphis, who is in charge of research?

Dr. Crade pointed out that the key is that honey can help the body maintain high blood sugar levels within two hours of training.

  Blood sugar is the glucose contained in the blood, which is the main source of energy for the human body.

If the concentration of glucose in the blood is too low, hypoglycemia will occur, which will seriously affect the normal conduct of human life activities.

Therefore, maintaining a high blood sugar level after training is important for muscle recovery.

Glucose is the main source of glucose in the human body, which is why it is supplemented with glucose while supplementing the protein.

  The problem is that after weight training, the body will increase the secretion of insulin to promote protein metabolism.

When the plasma content of the body rises, blood sugar will drop, so it is not easy to maintain high blood sugar levels.

  The researchers conducted experiments on 39 athletes who added protein and glucose immediately after weight training on the right side.

The same is glucose, some people add sugar, some people add maltodextrin, others add honey.

As a result, only the group of people who drank honey maintained the ideal blood sugar level within two hours of training, and the hormone levels of these people also proved that their muscles were in an ideal state of recovery.

  This is an exciting news for bodybuilders and bodybuilders, because cheap and ubiquitous foods like honey are better than the expensive nutrients on the market.