Black rice can nourish qi and nourish kidney and spleen


Black rice can nourish qi and nourish kidney and spleen

Black rice is flat and sweet, can nourish yin and kidney, nourish spleen and stomach, nourish qi and blood, nourish liver and eyesight.

Regular consumption of black rice is conducive to dizziness, dizziness, anemia, white hair, eye disease, soft waist, knees and legs.


hzh {display: none; }  黑米因外皮乌黑而得名,又称补血糯米、贡米、黑珍珠,是一种具有诸多保健功效的珍贵稻米.
Black rice contains starch, protein, traces, multivitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and other minerals and trace elements.

  Black rice not only contains 37% more protein than ordinary rice, but also contains 25% more amino acids than white rice.

4%, the lysine, arginine, nitrogen, tryptophan, etc. required by the human body are also found in black rice, which has a high nutritional value.

  Here are some common dietary recipes for black rice: ◇ Black rice porridge and black rice 100 grams, boiled porridge after washing, regular food can nourish yin and kidney, nourish qi, strengthen the body, and promote blood circulation.

  ◇ “Three black” porridge black rice 50 grams, black soybean 20 grams, black sesame 15 grams, walnut kernel 15 grams.

Common porridge and brown sugar seasoning.

Regular foods can be used to moisturize, moisturize, and nourish the brain, and tonicate blood.

Suitable for patients with early whitening, dizziness, and anemia.

  ◇ Black rice Tremella jujube porridge with black rice 100 grams, Tremella 10 grams, 10 jujubes.

Porridge together, season with rock sugar when cooked.

This formula can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the spleen and stomach, and can be taken in all seasons.

  ◇ Black rice lotus seed porridge black rice 100 grams, lotus seeds 20 grams.

Cook porridge together and season with rock sugar when cooked.

This formula can nourish the yin and nourish the heart, nourish the kidney and strengthen the spleen, and is suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are physically weak after the illness. Healthy people can enhance their ability to prevent disease.

  ◇ Black rice chicken soup 100 grams of black rice, 500 grams of chicken.

First cut the chicken into pieces with boiling water, then add the black rice and chicken pieces into the casserole, add fresh soup and various seasonings, steam and simmer until the chicken and black rice are cooked, add sesame oil and salt to taste。This formula can nourish deficiency and nourish qi, nourish blood and promote blood circulation, and is suitable for use by women who are physically weak after illness.

  Cooking square black rice must be thoroughly boiled before being eaten.

Because the outer part of black rice is a hard and tough seed coat, if it is not boiled, it will be difficult to be digested and digested by stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which will easily cause indigestion.

Fitness exercise belt towel

Fitness exercise belt towel

Anyone who likes to watch sports events knows that athletes wipe their sweat with a towel after exercising on the right; most people who run in the gym will bring a towel around their necks or on the armrests.

Fan Fangjie, a senior personal trainer of Beijing First Fitness, told reporters that it is not important to wipe towels with sweat, and to cultivate good exercise habits starts from these details.

  After exercising, I sweat, and if it is not wiped off in time, it will slowly evaporate.

Originally, the body became hot after exercise, and the body lost its amount due to the evaporation of sweat. Such a cold and hot stimulus could easily cause a cold.

“Originally, the exercise was for the purpose of physical fitness.

This also affects work and school, and it is even more worthless.

“Fan Fangjie said.

There are also some ball sports, some basketball and tennis, sweating at both ends will not affect the line of sight, thereby affecting the quality of the game, so many basketball and tennis players step on the headband to absorb sweat.

Then there are badminton and tennis needs to hold the racket. If the sweat on the hand is not wiped off in time, the hand is slippery and the grip will be unstable.

  There are many kinds of sports towels on the market, including pure cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, etc. For its water absorption and breathability, ordinary household towels can be used.

“If you don’t usually exercise a lot, just use an ordinary cotton towel.

Fan Fangjie reminded, “Pay attention to hygiene when using towels, and wash them after each exercise to avoid bacterial growth.

Beauty skincare starts with 17 small things_1

Beauty skincare starts with 17 little things

The beginning of Top1 beauty: take care of the stratum corneum “to accompany your skin for life.
“Shiseido Eilxir Superieur new muscle series launched this brand new slogan. The entire series adds CE mature moisturizing ingredients and natural moisturizing factors. In order to help lay the foundation for the stratum corneum, it is advertised that the stratum corneum is alive. Through these two ingredients, it helpsSkin creates translucent, translucent, saturated skin.
Among them, the cleansing mousse that most editors love, has a stretch foam formula, dense and delicate foam, allowing you to quickly wash the dirt, and clean and tender after washing.
  Top2 铺 paves the way for mature muscles 过 over 25 years old, still worrying about adolescent acne, acne, pores?
Valmont Cleansing & Rejuvenating Series can intelligently identify the skin needs, supply water to the dry areas, and release oil-controlling smart capsules in oily areas to perfectly balance the skin.
And Mier of Lierac anti-aging oil control series.
  Top3 Anti-pollution maintenance concept Simplified maintenance mode is a good choice for the new concept of reconstruction and maintenance of burdened muscles caused by pollution and stress.
The new Aesop caraway anti-oxidant essence is based on aloe leaf juice, which has great moisturizing, calming and anti-inflammatory effects, plus high content of antioxidant apigenin ingredients, which can remove free radicals, brighten the skin and improveThe tired and chaotic skin of modern people.
In addition, the skin will also be affected in the face of pressure. Awake Polyphenols Shuhuo series will eliminate the accumulated stress through lavender polyphenols, plus the lavender fragrance with aroma therapy, let youWhile maintaining skin, enjoy the anti-aging effect of relaxing and decompressing.
  Top4 You can also enjoy the six-star beauty body spa in South Island in Taiwan Absolutely Made in Taiwan, you who love spa, no longer have to spend a lot of money to travel to Southeast Asia for luxury, Regent Taipei Hotel is located at 23F Mulan SpaIt has been voted as one of the top 10 best international spas abroad. This time, it also introduced traditional techniques from Hawaii and India, combined with top massages from Thailand and Bali, and launched three new treatments to provide different options to pamper oneself.
What I recommend to you are: the best of both worlds, the best service, and the combination of the most popular treatments in Mulan SPA, including two kinds of massage methods, including aromatic essential oils and Chinese acupressure; in the whole course, first dry oriental massageStart with acupressure massage at the appropriate acupoints to soothe tight muscles.
The second stage is the aroma oil massage. The aroma therapist shows the rhythmic massage with skilled hands to moisturize tired skin.
  Top5 Lovi Grape Therapy In Provence, grape therapy has a history of more than 100 years. Local residents will choose to eat only grapes for a certain period of time to eliminate toxins from the body.
In this happy way of keeping fit, Loccitane applied it to the body care series and launched grape bubble bath lotion. Combining organic grape juice and red grape vine leaf extract can boost the spirit and eliminate excess water in the body. It is the best healingDepartment of maintenance recommended.
  Top6 时尚唇膏新选  全新推出Dior瘾诱绝色唇膏,是针对亚洲女性设计,里头特别把蜡成分减少,滋润度和滑顺度大大提升,让饱和度也完美呈现;这次共推出22色选,Among them, 14 colors are recommended by Dior fashion brand designer John Galliano, and another 8 colors are the first choice for fashion show for you to choose from.
  Top7 完美肌肤来自完美底妆  今年秋冬,Paul&Joe更新粉底系列中最热卖的糖瓷粉底乳N,和全新推出糖瓷无瑕透亮粉饼,把原本添加的五色金粉配方,升格加入由多种不同香槟金珍珠It consists of nine kinds of mysterious gold powder, allowing you to reflect a very detailed and elegant perfect gloss under any light.
The most special is that the newly added red and purple can imitate the apple light effect in the studio, so that you have a three-dimensional face like the anchor, and perfectly conceal pores and flaws.
  Top8 Psychedelic Sexy Autumn Makeup Story by M.
The autumn makeup trend “Misty Night Language” translated by C shows a sensual, seductive, cool, and feminine all-in-one. Through the four-color eye shadow palette, the industrial metal color is added to the elegant gorgeous color to show luxury.Intense eye makeup.
  Top9: Ageless muscles in the 21st century. Age is the star’s biggest enemy. Dr. Barrett, who has always been Madonna’s friend and dermatologist, sees her competition and pressure, so she developed Dr.
Brandt Contour Extreme Ageless Cream.
The neuromedical beauty is applied inside. When you feel stress, unhappiness, and free radical invasion, the skin gradually has aging problems. Therefore, a negative message blocking factor is added to the age-free cream, which can release a pleasant message.
In addition, the classic herb Morinda officinalis extract combined with yoga’s Ayurvedic therapy effectively helps the skin to resist oxidation, and it also tackles aging problems such as pores, wrinkles, sagging and sagging from the point line.
  Top10 A physical therapist on the scene There is a physical therapist on the side who can help you with Mass at any time, how good it should be!
Biotherm launches a slimming massage roller, which is derived from the physical therapist’s research and development concept. It is equipped with an ergonomic curve grip and four pressure-increasing dual-effect rollers. By pulling and pressing the rollers, it can improve skin circulation and accelerateFat burns to achieve the effect of lymphatic drainage. Use with slimming products to get rid of fat faster.
  Top11 Sister also wants to do Spa Remember that Xia Ludi in the Cheng Shi film was announced by the doctor that he had vaginal depression?
In fact, vaginal depression is a condition that modern women often have, which can cause abnormal genitals and abnormal secretions. In addition to avoiding the use of alkaline soap or bath milk to clean, Sager launches a highly effective moisturizing gel.After cleansing, gently massage the skin of the genitals with natural plant repair ingredients and highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid to effectively prevent infection or itching.
  Top12 二 Two tablets a day, the mysterious youth pill of a 35-year-old mature woman is born!
Yi Mei Ting’s multi-repair formula is mainly created by LycoPhence GS Top13 for children ‘s Kids & Teen Spa service. Is your baby facing huge pressure for further studies or other studies?
Denkiel Spa launches the industry ‘s first “Kids Spa” and “Teen Spa” services. Designed for Taiwan ‘s school-age children facing the pressure of further education, the Spa for children aged 6 to 10 and adolescents aged 10 to 14 plans physical purification, immune conditioning and relaxation.Treatments such as pressure balance, and one-on-one parent-child home maintenance teaching after the treatment are provided by professionals.
  Top14 sensitive muscle savior is here sensitive muscle is blessed!
The world’s first patented “SensiTest Skin Sensitive Professional Test”, based on the results of the test analysis, recommends the best daily soothing care treatments.
Especially for sensitive skin such as facial redness, microvascular dilatation, rosacea dermatitis and other sensitive skin, we also launched a special “ROSALIAC anti-red and soothing repair lotion”, which makes fragile skin stronger base, enhances anti-allergy protection, and survives season sensitive allergiesPeak period.
  Top 15 Winter Select Cleansing Products Want a cleansing oil suitable for autumn and winter?
There is a new choice of cleansing oil. Origins cleansing organic cleansing oil has a variety of organic vegetable oils, which can gently dissolve makeup and dirt on the face and eyes.
And Shu Uemura launched the top cleansing oil that can be used after medical cosmetic surgery. This time, the herb licorice root and chamomile were specially added to it, which has repairing and soothing effects. Even if your skin is sensitive and fragile, it can be safely removed.Remove heavy makeup!
  Top16 期待已久的顶级化妆棉新上市  高贵不贵的顶级化妆棉终于来台,采用100%天然棉所制成的黛珂高级纯柔化妆棉,严选自每一朵精心栽培的优质棉花、Then the soft fibers are carefully compounded.After using it, you will find that it will not leave any shaving at all, and it is not easy to deform; the large area also allows you to maintain your skin perfectly at once.

  Top17 stubbornly fights deep wrinkles Want to fight deep wrinkles?

Try Givenchy Platinum Renewing Anti-Wrinkle Mask, which has 20 times more marine collagen than the same series of Rejuvenating Creams, which can quickly and effectively eliminate wrinkles, and 10 times more yeast extract, which can support sunken wrinkles and masks.The material is a special non-woven fabric, which is soft and considerate. It can closely fit the skin and improve absorption.

Ginseng stewed black hen

Ginseng stewed black hen

Ingredients: 2 black-bone chickens (about 5 kg), 100 g of ginseng, 1 kg of pork elbow, 1 hen (about 3 kg), refined salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger and pepper.

  Method: After the black-bone chicken is slaughtered, scald it with boiling water, remove its hair, cut its claws, remove its head, remove its internal organs, and produce water; wash the ginseng with warm water; scrape the pork elbow with a knife, and make water;

Place the casserole over the hot fire, add water, add hen, pork elbow, spring onion, ginger slices, skim the foam after boiling, and simmer on low heat until the hen and pork elbow are 50% rotten.People participate in the same stew, seasoned with refined salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, and pepper until the chicken is rotten.

The function replenishes vitality, helps to guess blood, and improves spleen and wisdom.

  Function: It is suitable for neurasthenia, senile cough, irregular menstruation, functional uterine bleeding and dysplasia in children.

It also has a beneficial effect on physical weakness and disability.

  Source: See “Health Recipes for Nourishing Chinese Medicine”.

Benefits of lumbar pillow

Benefits of lumbar pillow

Excessive back and leg pain patients, although they have been treated too much, the symptoms had improved for a time, but closed the implantation of back and leg pain.

Many of these patients have forgotten or had a word that the orthopaedic surgeon repeatedly told: In addition to treatment, rest at night and even sleep on a hard bed, and a soft pillow under the waist.

The lower lumbar pillow can maintain the lumbar spine in a physiological forward stance, relieve the excessive stretching of the lumbar muscles caused by daytime fatigue, ensure the relaxation of the lumbar muscles, fully rest at night, and consolidate the achieved effects.

After the lumbar muscles relax, their blood flow is also improved, and the strained lumbar muscles are gradually repaired by tissues, which strengthens muscle strength and muscle tension, which is conducive to the next day’s activities.

For compression fractures of the lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae, the lower back cushion also promotes the gradual reduction of the fracture and reconstructs the contractile low back pain.

Patients with lumbar process can widen the intervertebral space by lowering the pillow under the lumbar pillow, reduce the pressure on the intervertebral disc, eliminate the pressure on the horse’s tail and nerve root, and have long leg pain.

  Even for healthy people, we recommend not to try to sleep under the lumbar pillow.

The method of the lower back cushion pillow is: in a supine position, insert a soft pillow about 10 cm high into the lumbosacral region or the painful area under the waist, adjust it to your comfort and satisfaction.

But it must match a hard board bed or a hard Simmons bed.

Never sleep on a wire spring bed or other soft bed, otherwise the cushion effect will be replaced.

It may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but you should insist on it. At least 1 month before you see the results.

After the symptoms of waist and leg pain are significantly reduced or disappeared, remove the soft pillow.

But hard-beds are best kept asleep.

Guben Peiyuan 7 Traditional Chinese Medicine Kidney Recipes

Guben Peiyuan 7 Traditional Chinese Medicine Kidney Recipes

Nowadays, more and more people are entering the rank of kidney deficiency, and their age is getting younger and younger.

Chinese medicine believes that kidney deficiency is mainly divided into two types: kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency. Identifying the attributes and accompanying proper diet therapy can greatly benefit kidney health.

So, what exactly can eat kidney?

Below, Chinese medicine recommends seven tonifying kidney recipes for you.

  Cistanche sheep kidney soup material: Cistanche 30 grams, 2 sheep kidneys Practice: Cut and wash sheep kidney, remove white fascia, add boiled soup with cistanche, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: kidney, Yijing, impotence.

  Sea cucumber and ginseng soup ingredients: 150 grams of sea cucumber, 12 grams of codonopsis and wolfberry. Method: After cooking together for about 60 minutes, add MSG, oil, salt and other condiments to eat ginseng and soup.

  Efficacy: Buqi Yishen, Shengjing Yangxue.

Applicable to qi deficiency, fatigue, paleness, dizziness, softness of waist and feet, impotence, nocturnal emission, frequent urination and other symptoms.

  Ingredients for sea cucumber and duck soup: 200 grams sea cucumber, one duck method: dehaired and washed the duck, add water and slowly simmer with the sea cucumber. After the duck is cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion, ginger and so on.

  Effect: nourishing yin and kidney.

It is suitable for kidney yin deficiency, liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knee weakness, impotence nocturnal emission, head and eye fainting, heart and foot heat, insomnia and more dreams.

  Morinda officinalis wine material: Morinda officinalis, Cuscuta chinensis, and Raspberry 15 grams each, and rice wine 250 g. Method: Soak Morinda officinalis, Cuscuta chinensis, and Raspberry in rice wine, soak after 7 days.

  Efficacy: Applicable to abnormalities of semen, slippery, frequent urination, cold pain in waist and knee caused by kidney deficiency.

  Stewed pork loin material: 2 pork loins, 30 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 30 grams of walnut meatEat a small amount of fine salt.

  Efficacy: Tonifying the kidney and helping the yang, strengthening the waist and nourishing qi.

Low back pain caused by insufficient kidney qi, fatigue, cold stomach, cold limbs, frequent urination, unclear vision, impotence, nocturnal emission, etc. can be supplemented with food.

  Jiuxiang insect powder material: Jiuxiang insects Moderate method: Cook Jiuxiang insects, grind finely, 3 grams each time, take 2 times a day, eat on an empty stomach.

  Efficacy: It can help the abnormal semen caused by kidney deficiency, frequent urination, and auxiliary treatment.

  Ingredients of Huangjing wolfberry oxtail soup: 1 oxtail with skin (about 750 grams), 20 grams of huangjing, 50 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of raspberry, 10 grams of coriander fruit, 10 grams of longan meat, 7 fine salts.

5, 30 grams of ginger: wolfberry is divided into two parts, one 25 grams of water to boil 25 grams of concentrated juice, and the other with water.

The oxtail is scraped and cleaned, chopped into sections, put in a boiling water pan and simmered, remove and wash, and slice ginger.

Put 25 g of oxtail, huangjing, raspberry, coriander, ginger, and wolfberry in a crock pot, add consomme, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, refined salt, and boil over the fire, then add 25 grams of wolfberry concentrated juice, stew and rotRemove, pick ginger, shallots, and serve in a crockery.

  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones.

Suitable for those with kidney deficiency, such as men’s impotence, premature ejaculation, women’s irregular menstruation, hyposexuality, waist and knee pain and so on.

Carefully enter the misunderstanding of prenatal education

Carefully enter the misunderstanding of prenatal education


The sooner the prenatal education begins, the better?

  When some couples knew that they were about to become parents, they immediately said that they should do prenatal education for their babies, but in fact, doing prenatal education so early only has no effect and may affect the growth and development of the baby.

  Truth: The activities of the brain, nervous system, and senses are the basis of psychological activity, and physiological development directly affects and leads to the process of psychological development.

Scientific research shows that the basic structure of the brain can only function when the voltage is 6 or 7 months, and the same EEG as that of the newborn can be shown at 8 months of the oxide. The cerebral cortex regions have their own special functions and perform stress.The activities of organs such as olfactory sense and best are continuous and preliminary rhythmic, so it is possible to carry out corresponding regular education on fatty acids.

According to research by police researchers, auditory memory already exists at the end of grain (about 8 months).

Therefore, the best time for prenatal education should be selected after the fetus is 8 months (32 weeks gestation).

  The fetus spends most of its time in sleep, and sleep is also a way to allow the threshold to rapidly increase and develop. Prospective parents have prenatal education before the baby has enough cognition and memory ability. It is meaningless and more likelyHarassment affects fetal sleep and affects their growth and development.


Prenatal education can be done anytime, anywhere?

  Most of the fetus spends in sleep, so in order to not disturb the baby’s sleep, the implementation of prenatal education must follow the laws of physical and psychological development and cannot be carried out at will.

  Truth: First of all, prenatal education should be done in a timely manner.

To observe and understand the law of body weight activity, be sure to choose a threshold for awakening and do not exceed 20 minutes each time.

Essentially, prenatal education should be regular.

Prenatal education should be carried out regularly every day to allow the diet to develop a habit of regular life. It is also conducive to recognition after birth and is the basis for the development of other cognitive abilities.

Third, there must be emotional blending in prenatal education.

In the teaching process, mothers should focus on concentration, make up for it completely, and experience together with gender to establish the initial parent-child relationship.

  A good environment is more conducive to fetal growth and development than external stimulation.

Relatively speaking, a good environment is that the mother is happy and nutritious, and that is the most primitive and powerful prenatal education for the baby.

Help you get back to work

Help you get back to work

There is no need to face the work you are facing. As long as you insist on making a few changes, you can fully find the joy of life.

  1. Hierarchical life You have a clear head and a comfortable mood every day.

It is necessary to arrange the layout every day before work and to regularly clean the files and emails on the computer.

  2. To participate in more sports, you should do at least one sports every day, and the time should be no less than half an hour. It is better to create a place at home that can completely eliminate the interruption. Go there for a quarter of an hour every day.In time, I just want positive things that make you happy. This short-term charging will greatly help your emotions.

  3. To find fun at work, find out what you want most, money, wonderful life, or challenge stimulation, and then think about whether your current job can provide you with these material conditions or spiritual feelings.The two are so far apart that you should consider changing your job.

  4. Optimism When facing all the facts, in fact, fatigue is often caused by anxiety, tension or anxiety.

Please try to “pretend” to be passionate and interested in work, smile and answer everyone’s phone call, and when your boss tells you to work overtime on weekends, call out “good” and cheer yourself up every morning . don’t thinkThis is a superficial thing. This is a very important “psychological cues” in psychology.

  5. Learning to regulate our minds is accompanied by some irreparable facts that destroy our emotions and destroy our lives. It is better to let ourselves accept these things and adapt to them.

Remember, there are times when regrets do not help, we have lost a lot, and once we have lost our lessons, we can do it.

  Health advice If you are busy with work, don’t take your work home, try not to work overtime, avoid checking emails and making work calls on weekends.

Learning to live slowly can start with exercise.

For people who exercise for more than an hour a day, the incidence of local heart dilation is only 1/4 of those who rarely participate in sports.

Chinese medicine helps you to understand red dates

Chinese medicine helps you to understand red dates

Jujube is delicious, everyone is familiar with it.

But do you really know red dates?

Jujube, jujube, south jujube, north jujube, black jujube . How is this different from red jujube?

  In fact, in addition to black dates, jujubes, jujubes, southern dates, and northern dates are all red dates.

Jujube is also known as jujube and jujube. It has many varieties, such as seedless jujube, phase jujube, big sugar jujube, golden jujube, round jujube, flat jujube, cloth bag jujube, and crisp jujube.

  The three major effects of red dates The nutritional and health effects of red dates are beyond doubt.

TCM prescriptions and daily budgets often show signs of it.

It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish qi and nourish blood, nourish blood and soothe the nerves, and alleviate the medicinal properties. It is a very good nutrition.

  Spleen and Stomach Weakness of the spleen and stomach, diarrhea, and tiredness. Red dates are shared with Codonopsis and Atractylodes, which can nourish the qi and strengthen the spleen and stomach, achieve appetite and stop diarrhea. Red dates and ginger, used together with Pinellia, can treat dietInadvertently caused gastritis, relieves bloating and vomiting.

  Nourishing qi and nourishing blood is often added to the diet to nourish qi and blood.

Eating more red dates, astragalus and wolfberry usually can improve the vitality of the body and enhance immunity.

  Women with nourishing blood and soothing nerves suffer from bipolar disorder, restlessness, etc., use red dates with licorice and wheat together, can use the effect of nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, soothing liver and relieve depression.

  Mild-drug jujube is often used in acute medicinal prescriptions to reduce the adverse reactions of potent drugs and protect righteousness.

  Eating red dates varies from person to person. There are many ways to eat red dates, steamed, stewed, braised and boiled.

  The most common method is to take decoction.

Will be 10.

Wash 30 grams of red dates, use a knife to draw straight lines on its skin to help nutrient accumulation, and then add an appropriate amount of water to cook for about 1 hour.

You can also add jujube to the porridge and add jujube porridge.


Processing red dates into red date lotus seed soup, red date peanut soup, etc. is also a relatively common method.

Many people like to put jujube red dates as a condiment when steaming soup, steamed chicken, stewed mutton or rabbit meat also like to add red dates.

  There is a saying in the folks: “Eat red dates every day and never grow old in my life.”

However, how to eat red dates is also particular about.

  For example, people with military brainpower and neurological weakness can use red dates to make soup instead of tea, which can calm their minds and increase appetite; insomnia suffers from torment and insomnia. If red jujube soup is used at night, it can help sleep; spring and autumn, Zhanhanzhan warm, add a few slices of mulberry leaf decoction in red dates to replace tea, can prevent colds and colds; summer is hot.

Red jujube and lotus leaves cook together, which can relieve the heat; in the cold winter, red jujube soup with ginger brown sugar can dispel cold and warm the stomach.

  Red dates medicinal diet recommended Angelica red dates porridge 15 grams of angelica, 50 grams of red dates, 20 grams of sugar, 50 grams of rice.

First immerse angelica in warm water for a while, add 200 ml of water, 100 ml of thick juice, remove the residue and take the juice. Add the right amount of water with the previous rice, red dates and sugar, and cook until the porridge is finished.

  This porridge has the effects of nourishing blood and regulating menstruation, promoting blood circulation and analgesic, and intestinal laxative, and is suitable for the deficiency of qi and blood, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, blood deficiency headache, dizziness and constipation.

  Shouwu jujube porridge 25g, red dates 50g, rock sugar 15g, 50g rice.

Put the previous rice and red dates into the pot together and cook into porridge.

When the porridge is half cooked, add Polygonum multiflorum powder and stir well while cooking.

Serve until the porridge is thick, then add rock sugar to taste.

This porridge has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, laxative and detoxifying.

Applicable to liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness caused by insufficient essence and blood, insomnia and forgetfulness, dreams and slippery sperm, etc., elderly patients with hypertension and vascular sclerosis can strengthen the body for a long time.

  Red dates and ginseng cream 30 red dates, 30 grams of ginseng, 6 ume plums, 15 grams of wolfberry, boil in 4 bowls of water for 20 minutes, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar (also brown sugar), fry until slightly thick, and use after coolingKeep it in a container.

This cream can replenish qi, nourish blood and nourish blood, and is more suitable for physical weakness, weak spleen and stomach, or recuperation after surgery.

  Eclipta prostrata and 50 jujube fresh jujube soup, 20 jujubes.

First wash the Eclipta and red dates, put them in the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, simmer the soup, remove the residue after cooking, and drink the soup to eat the dates.This soup has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, and is suitable for gastric and duodenal ulcer bleeding, hemorrhagic anemia, etc.

  It is worth mentioning that although the red dates are good, they will swell up if you eat too much, so you should pay attention to controlling your appetite.

Damp heat, heavy tongue, yellow tongue is not suitable for people.

The sugar content of red dates is too high, it is best for diabetic patients to eat less.

How to distinguish between real and fake saffron

How to distinguish between real and fake saffron

How to distinguish true and false saffron?

Saffron is a valuable Chinese medicinal material. Some illegal medicines use cheap saffron to pretend to be saffron.

Therefore, it is necessary to synthesize and compare the two medicinal materials to identify the authenticity.

  Grass safflower is also called safflower, red and blue flower.

It is a dry tubular flower of the annual safflower of the compositae.

Integrated cultivation in Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces.

Weixin, warm nature.

It has the effect of promoting blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain.

“Compendium of Materia Medica Yanyi Supplement” said that “more use will break the blood, less use will nourish the blood.”

Applicable to women with amenorrhea, postpartum lochia, bruises, bruises, swelling and pain.

The safflower oil contained in it can reduce blood plasma, treat coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, and is also the raw material for making trauma medicine.

  Saffron, also called saffron, is a dry stigma of the saffron, a perennial plant in the family Iridaceae.

At present only a small amount of cultivation, the flowers are blue-purple or purplish red, with a specific aroma.

The taste is sweet and cold, promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis, passing menstrual pain, and other effects are similar to Caohonghua, but the effect is more intense.

In addition, saffron also has the functions of cooling blood and detoxifying, relieving depression and soothe the nerves, and is often used to treat depression, depression, and panic.

  The identification method is not the same medicine, and the appearance is similar, but the saffron filaments are longer than the saffron and the color is darker than the saffron.

Remove the saffron completely and immerse it in water or alcohol. It can be seen that the stigma has a yellow-orange straight drop, and the water is gradually dyed, but the fake is not there.The fake turns into another color.