Catfish is more plump in winter

Catfish is more plump in winter

Folks have been known as “summer carp, autumn carp and winter carp”, which is mainly based on the taste of fish. Summer carp, carp in autumn and carp in winter are more plump than other seasons.

As for catfish, catfish soup has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, which is more suitable for cold and dry autumn and winter seasons.

Let’s taste this carrot and corn catfish soup today.

  Ingredients: Carrots: 2 scallions: 1 bar (about 400 g) sweet corn: 2 pieces of water: 6 bowls of 3-4 servings of materials: seasoning: sesame oil: 1/4 tablespoon salt: proper amount: 1.

Remove the sweet corn from the coat and wash it, and cut into 4 sections per root; wash and cut the carrots; 2.

2. Wash and slaughter the catfish, scrape the black membrane in the abdomen, and drain the water; 3.

Crack a small piece of ginger, heat the pot, rub the ginger on the pot again, put two tablespoons of oil, let the oil heat up to 60%, fry the fish until slightly yellow, scoop the fish into a clay pot, add ginger4. Flakes and water, boil; 4.

Add carrots and corn, cook in a simmer for an hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, digestion and stagnation, moisturizing eyesight.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy Sturgeon Sturgeon is a very common food fish. Although there are many bones, the fish tastes sweet, especially the white peony called by the people. The meat is tender and delicious.

Shunde’s sturgeon porridge is very famous. The key is the chef’s knife. The bones of the whole body of the sturgeon were “thinned” by the master with a knife. Even the shadow disappeared. The fish fillet was added to the boiling white porridge to turn off the fire and sprinkle ginger.The sweetness is indescribable.

  Compared to white pheasants, there are naturally black crickets. The black crickets have a heavy fishy smell and rough meat, so they are cheaper.

Black sturgeon is also good for scallions. It is best to choose caviar. The caviar is very sweet.

  Chinese medicine believes that catfish is beneficial for water and swelling, nourishing qi and spleen, detoxifying, and lactating. Catfish soup has the effect of nourishing and moisturizing. In addition to daily supplements for physical fitness, it is also a traditional soup for maternal lactation.Dried octopus for better results.

Home-cooked bonito soup can be paired with white radish, appetizers, digestion, and fat-reducing weight; with tofu, the two are integrated and complementary in nutrition, with higher nutritional value and reduced reduction; with mulberry leaf lentils, it can clear wind and clear the liver;With mutton, spleen and warm up; with fried eggs, tonicity and lactation.

It is no wonder that the ancient medical book “Ben Cao Jing Shu” has a very high evaluation of catfish: among the fishes, they can eat it often.

  ● Liang Tangxinshui Rub the cracked ginger block on the pan once, and the ginger juice will turn into fish skin without sticking to the pan.

How to care for the high incidence of skin diseases in autumn

How to care for the high incidence of skin diseases in autumn

In autumn, the weather becomes drier and drier due to the sharp sweltering, the temperature is also significantly reduced, the temperature difference between morning and evening penetrates, the weather is changeable, and it is easy to cause people’s resistance to decline, which causes a variety of diseases.

So, what to do when skin diseases occur in autumn, and the care is correct?

  Dermatologists said that taking care of the skin in autumn can also keep away from the torture of skin diseases. Let me introduce you to the common skin diseases in autumn and how to prevent skin diseases in autumn.

 1. People with poor herpes zoster are often susceptible to shingles, commonly known as “string waist”, which is caused by varicella-zoster virus infection.

It is characterized by clusters of dense small blisters that are distributed in bands along peripheral nerves.

It can invade thoracolumbar and head, face, ears, upper and lower extremities, and is accompanied by neuralgia.

  Expert tips: Shingles virus can lurk in nerve tissues for a long time without developing disease. It can occur when the body’s immune function is reduced.

Therefore, pay attention to keep warm when changing seasons, do not catch cold, and avoid virus outbreaks caused by colds.

At the same time, pay attention to rest and stay up late.

Keep your mood comfortable and avoid depression and anger.

The diet should be light, low in salt and low in fat, and eat more foods containing plant fiber, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans and so on.

Taboo alcohol, spicy and fishy hair.

  2. Itching of the skin reduces the number of baths. After the weather turns cold, the sebaceous glands of the human body begin to decrease, and the skin is prone to dryness, causing itching.

If the patient scratches while itching, it will cause secondary dermatitis.

In particular, the sebaceous gland secretion function of the elderly is improved and the skin is more prone to dryness.

  Expert tips: Those with systemic pruritus should pay attention to reducing the number of baths. Do not scrub the skin excessively during bathing, do not use alkaline soap, and less contact with washing powder.

Pay attention to food, eat less fish, shrimp, pepper and other foods, so as not to aggravate the condition.

When the skin is itchy, do not scratch or scald with boiling water, apply some ointment or take some anti-allergic drugs.

  3. Self-administration of cleft lip and palate can solve the decrease in sebum and sebum secretion over time. In case of mechanical friction or traction, cleavage of hand and foot is easy to occur.

From the beginning, the skin is dry, keratinized and thickened, and the skin lines are obvious. There are cracks along the skin lines. In severe cases, the cracks are deep to the skin and bleeding may occur.

 Expert tips: After washing the affected area with hot water before going to bed, topically apply 20% urea ointment. In severe cases, use a razor blade to cut thin and thick cuticles, and then apply ointment.

When there is a cleft palate on the heel, you can use adhesive tape to paste the cleft palate to relieve pain during walking and promote recovery of the cleft.

  4. Psoriasis adjusts mood to maintain optimism Psoriasis is commonly known as psoriasis.

Seasonal changes are one of the predisposing factors for psoriasis, which is often exacerbated in winter and relieved in summer.

After the fall, the weather turns cold, and the disease often gets worse.

At the same time, because the underlying cause is not clear at present, the disease can only be controlled but not cured, so it is important to take preventive measures in autumn.

  Expert tips: Life should be regular and modest, and you should not stay up late.

Season change season, psoriasis patients must pay attention to keep warm, upper respiratory tract infection is an important predisposing factor for the disease, and the large temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn is the season of the upper respiratory tract, so it is important to avoid upper respiratory tract infection.Visit the hospital in time.

In addition, proper light diet can effectively avoid or reduce the recurrence of psoriasis before the onset season.

Child mental illness comes from hints

Child mental illness comes from hints

The children of remarried families have many different psychological problems. What is the effect of reorganizing children’s emotional state?

A joint quantitative survey conducted by the relevant units not long ago has conducted in-depth research on this issue.

  According to Zhang Yi, a psychologist from the First Specialized Hospital of Harbin City, this study targeted at 1912 students in the fifth and sixth grades of 9 primary schools in Harbin City, and designed a self-made EQ scale to design the degree of emotional stability, emotional tension, and degree of fear.10 questionnaire items such as the degree of hostility, the degree of shyness, etc. At the same time, corresponding questionnaire surveys were conducted on the parents’ marital status, family structure, and other aspects of the tested students. They were divided into normal family families, normal large families, and single-parent familiesAnd four types of remarried families.

  Surveys show that 40% of remarried families.

5% of children are emotionally unstable.

This is because the children of the first three types of families have received consistent education from parents and grandparents since childhood, and their care for the needs of children is from the heart.

The children of remarried families, because they have a stepfather or stepmother, have difficulty accepting or completely accepting their hearts, and they will have psychological resistance.

When they are with their biological parents, they show happy and free emotions and behaviors. In front of the stepfather, they show indifferent and restrained emotions and behaviors.

  Statistics show that 21 of remarried families.

6% of children have more serious emotional distress, 18.

9% of children are nervous, 56.

8% of children have a depressive mental state of hypertension, and these figures are higher than the percentage of similar indicators in other family types.

This is because part of the remarried family child’s newly formed family, the interaction with the stepfather or stepmother, the degree of freedom in family life, and the economic dominance are all a certain distance when living with their biological parentsDifferences cause unhealthy emotions such as anxiety, tension, depression, and anxiety.

Similarly, the number of children in single-parent families with severe emotional concerns is as high as 21.

1%, which is related to the psychological stimuli they experienced when their parents divorced or lost their fathers and mothers.

  ”The mental health of children in remarried families is an important issue that cannot be ignored.

Divorced parents or bereavement of their father, bereavement of their mothers have caused these children an ordeal, and the remarriage of their parents has exposed them to a more complicated living environment.

In the long run, it is difficult for children to develop normally.

Therefore, remarried families should strengthen communication with children, create a relaxed learning and living environment, in order to satisfy them spiritually, and guide children to reduce the psychological burden.

Give these children a complete family and give them complete fatherly and motherly love.

In addition, the consistency and consistency of family education is particularly important in remarried families. Compensatory love or laissez-faire can easily cause children’s emotional abnormalities.

Zhang Yi said.

  Don’t care about other people’s evaluation easily. Zhang Yi told reporters that too many people in young people care about other people’s evaluation of themselves.

You can’t decide whether you are good or bad. The decision is left to other people’s hands.

Many children pay too much attention to their image and are very picky about themselves, such as: short stature, fat body, small eyes, too short hair, too thin and so on.

Some even blame themselves for why they were born in the countryside, complaining that their family is too poor, etc. They are arrogant and surrounded by endless pain and loneliness.

This is a typical emotional experience of not accepting yourself and parents.

In the long run, in the process of growing up, they will set themselves up with various obstacles, alternately insert their own road to success, and will seriously hurt their physical health.

  Many mental illnesses come from the suggestion that maybe everyone has had such an experience?

I originally wore a piece of clothes that I thought was beautiful and went to work. As a result, several colleagues said that they were not good-looking.

When the first colleague said, you may still think that it is just her personal opinion, but with more people speaking, you slowly start to doubt your own judgment and aesthetic vision.

So after work, the first thing you do when you go home is to change your clothes and decide not to wear it to work again.

  ”Actually, this is where psychological cues come into play.

Implied effects often cause others to act unconsciously in a certain way, or to accept certain opinions or beliefs uncritically.

It can be seen that suggestion can make people’s emotions and ideas affected by the subconscious influence of others to varying degrees.

Zhang Yi said.
  According to Zhang Yi, psychological research has found that people unconsciously accept the influence and hints of people they like, admire, trust and worship.

This enables people to accept the guidance of the wise as a complement to the imperfect “self”, which is the positive side of the implications.  There is also a negative aspect to the suggestion, which is that it is easy to be manipulated and controlled by people.

The reason for psychological cue is the imperfection and defect of “self”.

If a person’s “self” is very weak and naive, then that person’s “self” is easily occupied and ruled by others’ “suggestions”. Such a person’s personality itself has a serious dependence.

Each person’s psychological characteristics and nerve types are different, and the degree and result of the cues are different.

People come in terms of temperament. There are 4 types of bile, neurotic, plethora, and mucus. Most people have several of these 4 types of temperament at the same time.

People with bilious type are most likely to accept psychological cues, while people with mucinous types respond more slowly to psychological cues.

Most women are more likely to accept psychological cues than men, and older people and children are more likely to accept psychological cues than young people.

Surprisingly, a person’s intellectual level and educational level play a decisive role in accepting psychological cues.

Psychological implication Although correcting our lives has a positive or negative impact, do not believe it blindly, it is completely controlled by it.

Because outside encouragement or criticism is a problem that everyone must face, if they always change themselves because of others’ attitudes, they will never mature.

Hippophae rhamnoides

Hippophae rhamnoides

Chinese name: Introduction to the medicinal value of Hippophae rhamnoides[Sexual flavor return classic]acid, astringent, warm.

  [Indications]Cough and expectorant, digestion and stagnation, and blood circulation.

It is used for cough and cough, indigestion, abdominal pain due to stasis, blood stasis and amenorrhea, and swollen drops.

  [Usage and dosage]3-9g.

  [Storage]Place in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and breakage.

  [Excerpt]”Chinese Pharmacopoeia” nutrition Hippophae rhamnoides fruits are rich in nutrients. Based on this, it is determined that the fruits contain various vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, linolein, seabuckthorn flavones, superoxide and other active substances and various amino acids required by the human body.
Among them, the content of vitamin C is extremely high. The content of vitamin C can reach 825-1100 mm per 100 grams of juice, which is 2-3 times that of kiwi. It is known as the king of vitamin C.

Contains sugar 7.

5% -10%, containing 3% -5% acid.

  Seabuckthorn leaves contain crude protein 15.

75%, rough aunt 9.

48%, crude fiber 14.

04%, nitrogen-free extract 54.

84%, health tea can be made with sea buckthorn leaves.

  The oil content of seabuckthorn seeds is 10% -12%, and the pulp oil content is 14% -18%. It is a good raw material for extracting seabuckthorn oil.

  In addition to fresh food, sea buckthorn fruits can also be processed into juices, wines, jams, preserved fruit, jellies, beverages, and health products.

  The value of food therapy more than 1,000 years ago, it was found that the local residents who often eat sea buckthorn fruit are healthy and rarely sick, especially some patients with gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In Tibetan medicine, the lama calls sea buckthorn fruit a “magic bullet” for treating all diseases.

100 years ago, scientists from the former Soviet Union studied sea buckthorn and found that its fruit contains more than 30 biologically active ingredients. These 30 kinds can treat gastroenteritis, gastric ulcers, and coronary heart disease, and can significantly improve the immune function of the human body.

  Medicinal value Sea buckthorn fruit and oil have high medicinal value, which can reduce headaches, reduce the onset of heart colic, and the role of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease; have expectorant, cough, asthma and treat chronicThe role of tracheitis; it can treat gastric and duodenal ulcers and indigestion, etc., it may be significant for chronic superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, colitis, etc .; good for burns, scalds, knife burns, frostbiteTherapeutic effect; good treatment effect on cervical erosion in women.

  One of the most toxic to seabuckthorn is seabuckthorn oil. Seabuckthorn oil contains 46 kinds of biologically active substances and contains a large amount of vitamin E, vitamin A, flavonoids, etc., which has special pharmacological properties such as anti-fatigue and enhancing body vitality and anti-cancer.And accelerate the repair of gastric mucosa, increase the drug properties of bifidobacteria in the body, have the effect of reducing plasma plasma, reducing the plasma content in the blood vessel wall, can eliminate hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, and promote wound healing.

  Seabuckthorn fruits contain isorhamnetin and its saccharides, dropein, and behenylol, which contain 7 kinds of xanthophylls, which have the effects of cough, asthma, expectorant, dilation of coronary blood vessels, and lowering plasma. It is often used to treat large scaleHeart disease is 94% effective in treating angina.

  Seabuckthorn is rich in SOD active ingredients, and the SOD content per gram of seabuckthorn fruit is 2746.

0 enzyme units, its content is 4 times that of ginseng.

It may be caused by free radicals produced by the peroxidation of substances in the body, and this free radical is closely related to the aging of the human body and the occurrence of diseases.

Cao Cao cultivated Qi and nourish health through research

Cao Cao cultivated Qi and nourish health through research

In Chinese history, Cao Cao was a civil and military politician and a military strategist.

Like the emperors in history, Cao Cao was also obsessed with the traditional method of keeping in good health, and researched the methods of prolonging life and benefiting from qi and nourishment.

Sun Siyi, a 100-year-old medical doctor in the Tang Dynasty, recorded in Qian Qian Fang that Cao Cao had visited folk warlocks and asked the 100-year-old man Huang Fulong for his unique secrets to improve his health and to prolong his life.

Huang Fulong told him that he had used teeth for many years to moisten the viscera and lead the way.

Cao Cao also likes dietary porridge, and usually takes rice, milk, and black bean porridge.

  In the history of Chinese literature, Cao Cao’s literary achievements are also very high.

In Cao Cao’s more than 20 existing poems, there are too many of them involved in health care medicine, such as “Exquisite”, “Mo Shang Sang”, “Autumn Hu Xing”, etc. This is the prosperity of Chinese health culture in the Wei and Jin period in literary worksIt ‘s worth reading.

  ”Out of Xiamenxing?

Although the Turtle Shou “poem” walk out of Xia Menxing? ”

The Turtle’s Life is the most wonderful article in Cao Cao’s health poems.

In this poem, Cao Cao uses the long-lived tortoise and the snake as a metaphor to illustrate that life and death in nature are irresistible objective laws.

However, “the period of profit and loss does not end in heaven; the happiness of raising one’s happiness can be forever.”

The length of each person’s life is not only governed by the laws of nature. As long as you are healthy, you can also delay aging and obtain health and longevity.

In this poem, Cao Cao also sings the old famous phrase “Old Man Fuxi, Aimed at Thousands of Miles; Martyrs in their Old Ages, Enduring Hearts”, which reflects Cao Cao’s spirit of aggressiveness.

From the perspective of psychosomatic medicine, it is the spiritual remedy for the elderly to maintain an old and healthy state of mind and overcome the negative mentality of loneliness and loneliness.

  In the poem “Qi Chu Chang”, Cao Cao summarized the method of keeping in good health and guiding Qi as: “Heart is calm and has nothing to do.

If you want to sit behind closed doors, you have no time to live.

“It means that calmness of mind, calmness and emptiness, replacement of distractions, and sitting still, can we achieve the state of nourishing the essence, reconcile qi and blood, yin and yang, and return to a state of balance, this is actually a summary of Cao Cao’s own qigong practice.

  The most important thing in Taoist regimen is to practice qi. Cao Cao knows this very well.

“Qi Chu Chang” cloud: “Kaiyu heart is flourishing, and his qi is full of spirits.

The accusations have been closed forever, but love life for thousands of years.

The so-called upright heart in the poems, sitting behind closed doors, keeping your breath closed, meditation and raising qi, etc., are indeed the knack for practicing qigong.

  The “Exquisite Columns” poems in Chinese history, the emperors hoped that their country would be solid forever, in an attempt to have immortality in the world, they searched for immortals, refining elixir, and performed absurd and sad farce.

Cao Cao is more wise. He said in this poem that “the firstborn of life, the pottery of creation, there must be a final stage, and the sages are inevitable. Why is this worry?”

“The idea that” qi must say death, qi leisure means immortality “, and the secret to prolonging life is to nourish qi and love God.

The poem also said: “Who can Tao Tao?

The gentleman Ephesus was worried.

Twilight of the year.

Chennai came out when it was outdated.

“He deeply sighed that there were too many days in the past and too few days in the future.

This illustrates Cao Cao’s sober understanding of limited life.

  In the poem “Mo Shang Sang”, Cao Cao said in this poem: “Jiaojiao, and envy.

To be secretly loved.

Eat Zhiying, drink 醴泉, 拄 枝 桂枝 佩秋兰.

Unparalleled things, swim Hunyuan.

“Love spirit” (maintaining essence), “Shizhiying” (taking tonic), “drinking spring” (being vegetarian, often drinking clean spring water), “unusual affairs” (not involving foreign affairs, free of charge)Touch your heart) and so on.

All are traditional Taoist regimens.

  In the poem “Qiu Huxing”, Cao Cao claimed to be “sex does not believe in destiny”. In fact, he pointed out that he clearly realized that life is limited and that there is life and death.Revival is still obsessed with immortality, and fantasy can live forever.

“Autumn Huxing” is the cloud: “I wish to climb Mount Taihua.

God and man travel together . think of magic medicine, long live.

But in his poem “Autumn Hu Xing”, he also said that he “doesn’t care about the world, but is worried about the world”, which also shows that he doesn’t worry about old age and is not afraid of death.
  During his lifetime, Cao Caorong and his head were implanted with head problems, and he had seizures from time to time. He had been in war for a long time and lacked an environment suitable for self-cultivation. He would be able to live to 66 years old.

Have children engaged in early family relationships

Have children engaged in early family relationships

Psychological research finds that most of the children who fall in love early lack family care, some come from a single parent family, or the parents are not in harmony, the parents cannot give their children enough attention, etc. If you give your children a warm and happy family environment, they canGreat avoidance of children’s early love.

  Why is this?

It turns out that children’s early love is symbolic. Early love means premature maturity and entering the society. It means looking outside the family for psychological needs that cannot be met in the family.

If the child has a warm home and enough parents to care for him, then it is too late for the child to hide in the comfort zone, and it is not easy to reach the family prematurely without seeking warmth.

  So, what are the characteristics of a child who loves early?

What do these characteristics have to do with their home environment?

They have a relatively common feature, that is, feel empty and bored.

We know that schoolwork is very heavy in secondary schools. If they can’t find an environment where they can pour out their hearts even after studying, they will gradually accumulate a lot of pressure, and these pressures need to find a place to express.

In addition, if they have bad grades or find fun in their studies, they are more likely to feel empty and boring, so finding a little lover is a good way for them to relieve stress, pour out their hearts, and get rid of boredom.

A large part of middle school students’ love is looking for close friends. If parents can be close friends of children, the children may not necessarily meet their psychological needs through love.

  To avoid children’s early love, parents must do it first. The problems between parents need to be solved by the parents themselves. Don’t pass too much pressure on the child and try to help the child decompress as much as possible.

Therefore, parents should be close friends of their children and care more about their children’s psychological growth, rather than just asking about academic performance.

Third, if the child really falls in love, parents should not just accuse the children of breaking up them, but think about it. What is the parent’s own failure to do, so that the child has to seek warmth outside the family?

Thinking about it this way helps parents to understand their children better and to handle their children’s problems of early love reasonably.

Beware of thieves who sneak around

Beware of thieves who sneak around

A smart man who can really play a woman’s love does not steal love or sex at first, let alone aim at your little body with a little charm, and even more importantly, want to steal a womanheart.

  The kind of man I am talking about means that there is a little bit of money, a little bit of talent, and a little bit of talent that can attract women, whether it is a girl or a young woman or an old woman, and it will produce when you seeGood feeling, there are so many men who want to have something with him.

  It ‘s a bit like a smashing Chengxin, a Clinton-type man. This kind of man has already passed the impulsive age. They can be called grandma killers or teenage killers. They may have read countless women and can see through the women ‘sthought.

  Such men usually have a wise wife and a lovely child.

Maybe the woman at home is already a little aesthetically tired of him. There is always an instinct in his bones to look for prey outside, but from his eyes you will not let you easily grind him.

Some people say that men are born to be brave men.

If he sees that target, he will definitely pinpoint the target a little bit, but he won’t let women discover too much. He will pretend to be casual and pretending to be a gentleman.No shortage of adventure.

Maybe he will give so little truth, but if he really wants his wife and son to run away with other women, it must be impossible, and women shouldn’t dream big dreams.

  Many people say that men do n’t understand women ‘s hearts. In fact, this man knows women ‘s hearts best. They always calmly vote for women, knowing that lonely and boring women will be touched by a little bit of care, and they know that women like it.False romance.

He doesn’t talk to women too much about the virtuous wife at home, nor does he deliberately say bad things about his wife, always giving people a sense of mystery that is deep and deep without losing manliness.

  This man is a bit like a chronic poison, more like a chronic aphrodisiac, and more like a fuse of explosives. He can always fire a woman’s heart.

This kind of man can steal the heart of a woman. After stealing the heart of a woman, everything is natural.

If a woman falls in love with such a man, if she doesn’t find out in time, she will embark on a loveless road from now on.

  Man, are you such a deadly love killer who is a man who secretly steals heart; woman, you should pay attention to whether the man close to you has this virtue, and if you have this motivation for you, have you fallen into it?.

Foods that help exercise health: beef

Foods that help exercise health: beef

The heroes want to drink water and eat meat. Many of these meats are beef. In fact, beef is a very good food. The nutrients contained in it are quite helpful to sports and health. People are exercising.During exercise, you can eat more beef, which is quite good for people’s sports and health, is also trusted by people, and has scientific basis.

  Eating more beef can be a good supplement for various substances that the human body needs, so that it can well meet people’s needs and make people healthier. The vitamins in beef and other immeasurable elements are even moreWhat the human body needs, there are some proteins that are quite helpful for people’s physical recovery.


Creatine in beef Beef creatine is higher than other foods, which makes it particularly effective for muscle growth and strength.

In the first few seconds of training, sarcosine is the source of muscle fuel. It can effectively supplement adenosine triphosphate, which makes the training last longer.


The increased demand for vitamin B6-containing protein in beef, the more vitamin B6 should be added to the diet.

Beef contains enough vitamin B6 to help you strengthen your immunity, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, and help your body recover from stressful training.


Beef contains carnitine chicken, fish meat contains low levels of carnitine and sarcosine, but beef is high.

Carnitine is mainly used to support your aunt’s metabolism and produce branched chain amino acids, which is an amino acid that plays an important role in bodybuilding for muscle growth.


Beef potassium and protein potassium are relatively minor minerals in the diet of most athletes.

Low potassium levels can inhibit protein synthesis and growth hormone production, which can affect muscle growth.

Protein in beef protein: 4 slender fillets can produce 22 grams of first-class protein.

  Eating more beef is good for the human body. People who eat more beef are also healthier and stronger. Multivitamins and other trace elements, and various protein and mineral elements are all people’s choice of beef as food.Good evidence to help people get better recovery after exercise.

Baby girls wearing open crotch pants are more susceptible to syphilis!

Baby girls wearing open crotch pants are more susceptible to syphilis!

Baby girls should also pay attention to protection when they are outdoors. ● Syphilis, candida and other pathogens can be transmitted through direct contact. Parents should pay attention to the hygiene of the baby’s vagina. ● White vaginal discharge in newborn girls is mainly affected by hormones in the body.It is a normal phenomenon of vaginal discharge of yellow abscess, red and swollen vulva, and some blood stains on the diaper . Recently, the vision of her daughter’s vagina surprised Ms. Zhou.

“The child is only 1 year old. Why does it seem to have an adult gynecological disease?

“In fact, gynecological diseases are by no means the patents of adult women. Even improper care or attention to reproductive health can cause gynecological diseases even in infant girls as young as a few months old.

According to doctors at some gynecological clinics in some hospitals in Guangzhou, young girls have poor anti-infection capabilities and are prone to vaginitis.

Extremely, in the gynecological clinic, there are too many girls and girls who come to the clinic for vulvitis and vaginitis.

  ”For example, syphilis, many people think that it can only be transmitted through sexual contact, but actually let girls wear open crotch pants to sit around and play everywhere is one of the risk factors. They can also be infected by direct contact.

“Liu Haiyan, director of the neonatal department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, reminded reporters in an interview.

  Gynecological diseases are not adult female patent young girls vaginitis and these several types of Liu Haiyan told reporters that common vaginitis in young girls are generally divided into non-existent and two.

The former usually has no clear pathogenic bacteria, and is mainly judged and treated based on symptoms.

Often, a specific pathogen can be found through laboratory tests and then given targeted treatment.

  Non-uniform vaginitis in young girls and non-external vaginitis is often caused by poor hygiene of the external genitals and anus. The tissue paper is wiped forward from the anus after defecation, and the feces are not cleaned to contaminate the underwear, causing bacteria to reach the vulva and vagina, causing inflammation.

  This kind of vaginitis is more common in 3?
A 7-year-old girl sees her baby repeatedly.

  The child’s vagina will feel burning, ulcers, itching, and other sensations. From the appearance, vulvar edema, inflammatory redness, and a large amount of purulent discharge from the vaginal opening will be found.

  Coping method: The first step in dealing with this type of vaginitis is to keep the baby’s vagina clean and dry, pay attention to washing after stool, and change diapers frequently.

At the same time, parents can also use a 1: 5000 potassium permanganate solution to give their children a bath.

  In addition, carriers of intestinal parasites, such as roundworms, suffer from anal entry into the vagina to stimulate mucous membranes and cause infections.

When encountering this kind of vaginitis, parents observe the child’s anus to find some small white bugs, and there will be red marks around the anus.

This vaginitis needs to be treated with deworming.

  Absolute vaginitis

Trichomonas vulvovaginitis: It is common in young girls, because the vaginal pH is high, which is not conducive to the growth of trichomoniasis.

Young girls are mostly infected indirectly, especially if they live in contact with infected family members.


Mycotic genital vaginitis: Mycoplasma is a disease unique to infants, such as diaper rash that is actually caused by mold.

It usually starts in the perineum and usually covers some areas.


Gonococcal vulvovaginitis: immature vaginal development in young girls is susceptible to gonococcal infection.

Young girls can get the infection through direct or indirect contact. Many indirect channels are common. For example, if a family member or a nanny is sick, it can be transmitted through human contact or through towels or toilets.

  The clinical manifestations are acute vulvitis, redness and swelling of the vulva, congestion of the hymen and vagina, a large amount of thick and dense yellow purulent discharge, difficulty in urination, and pain in walking.

  Coping method: Be sure to use vulvovaginitis. In addition to clinical symptoms, you can find pathogenic pathogens from the vagina secreted by the vagina. After diagnosis, you should actively treat them symptomatically.

  Story 1 Doubt about white secretions White secretions appear in the vagina, and there is some blood stains on the diaper, like menstruation . The various visions after Lin Lin’s birth scared the family.

Lin Lin’s mother hurriedly took her child to the neonatal department of the hospital for treatment, but the answer was: “Normal phenomenon, no special treatment is needed.

“What is going on?

  Experts’ doubts: White secretions are a normal phenomenon. Liu Haiyan told reporters that babies usually carry mother’s estrogen when they are born, and about one month after birth, these estrogen will gradually withdraw.

In the process, some baby girls do experience “false menstruation”
. For example, blood stains on diapers, like Lin Lin, are actually vaginal bleeding.

In addition, there are white secretions in the vagina of some baby girls.

However, these are normal phenomena and usually last a lot, about one to two weeks.

  ”These phenomena are not real gynecological diseases. If the baby is breast-feeding, sleeping, and having normal bowel movements, parents need not be nervous, as long as they change diapers frequently and keep the area clean and sanitary without special treatment.”

Liu Haiyan said, but on the contrary, if the baby’s vaginal secretion is not white, not yellow, it is not thin, but thick, and at the same time, it may be caused by some gynecological diseases. Parents should promptlyTake your child to the hospital for an examination.
  Story 2 Both mothers’ revolutions, Ms. Liu and Ms. Chen, were both mothers and gave birth to girls. Recently, the weather was hot, and the two mothers often changed for a question: whether to give the children a bare butt or a diaper.

  Ms. Liu claimed to wear open crotch pants for her daughter, thinking that the child’s buttocks would not be prone to rash and diaper rash in this way.

  Ms. Chen, on the other hand, wears diapers on her daughter’s day. “The girl’s vagina is open and susceptible to germs. I would prefer to change her diapers rather than leave her bare.

“Ms. Chen said.

  Experts explain the suspicion: Syphilis is not only transmitted through sexual contact. For two mothers, Liu Haiyan chose to stand by Ms. Chen.

“Because it is a very unhygienic behavior for baby girls to wear open crotch pants, and they are susceptible to various types of gynecological diseases.

Liu Haiyan said that when a baby is born, estrogen from the mother’s body is carried in the body, making the vaginal environment acidic and resistant to disease.

Two weeks later, this estrogen was completely excreted, the vaginal pH increased, and the vaginal environment became neutral or alkaline, while the internal and external reproductive organs of the little girl were not mature, and the vaginal skin was thin and free of wrinkles.Therefore, the anti-infection ability is poor and it is easy to be infected by bacteria.

In addition, children have the habit of sitting around everywhere, and the vulva is easily transferred by urine and feces, which increases the susceptibility factors. Therefore, little girls are prone to vulvitis and vaginitis.

  Writer Liu Haiyan, in addition to common gynecological diseases, people like syphilis thought that the disease can only be transmitted through sexual contact. In fact, little girls can also contract the disease through direct contact.

Similar cases occur from time to time in the clinic.

“There was a 2-year-old girl who sought medical treatment for vaginal itching and redness, and the complications were infected with syphilis.

At that time, the girl’s mother thought that her husband had contracted a sexually transmitted disease outside and passed it on to the child.

But the final inspection revealed that the child’s family was okay.

“After careful inquiries by the doctor, I found out that the girl’s mother loves to wear open crotch pants, and sometimes even wears open crotch pants to play in the garden of the community.

  ”It is estimated that the girl’s syphilis was infected through direct contact as we mentioned above.

Liu Haiyan said that germs such as syphilis can actually be scattered in all corners around us. If a girl’s vagina is not protected, it is entirely possible to get in direct contact, for example, the place where she sits is not clean, and she touches public facilities with her little hand.Spread by touching your vagina.

  Remind BB women of vaginal bleeding and beware of vaginal foreign bodies. Liu Haiyan also reminds that young children are often out of curiosity or to understand how to eliminate Yin itching, to avoid hairpins, pins or small toys inserted into the vagina, especially rural children wear open crotch pants and put them in wheat.On the heap of rice, wheat kernels or millet enter the vagina, foreign bodies will stay in the vagina, usually cause secretion, increase vaginal secretions, be purulent or bloody, have a foul odor, and ulcers will form on the surface of the vaginal mucosa after a long time.
  When children suffer from non-degeneration, bacterial vaginitis, especially those who are persistent and persistent, the possibility of foreign bodies in the vagina should be considered.

Folk therapy for sinusitis

Folk therapy for sinusitis

Sinusitis, also known as “nasal abyss,” is a common ENT disease that has a high incidence in adults and children.

Chronic sinusitis is difficult to cure due to its long course and recurrent episodes.

The following introduces a folk therapy, which is a good method for patients with long-term drug treatment but no effect.

  Sinusitis is often secondary to upper sensation or acute rhinitis. At this time, symptoms and symptoms become worse, chills, fever, loss of appetite, constipation, and general discomfort.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and cough can occur in children.

The patient’s pus and nasal discharge increase and are not easily exhausted, such as irritation of the pharynx, cough and cough, and even nausea and headache when flowing backward into the respiratory and lower respiratory tract.

  The following introduces folk remedies for sinusitis: 1.

Material: Saururus chinensis 2.

The specific method: 1) Boil 20g of 300 herbs and 500ml of water to half two, three times a day empty serving.

Will 3?
4 pieces of three hundred herb leaves are mashed, a small amount of salt is kneaded into small balls, and they are stuffed into the nostrils on both sides, and wait for 30?
After 60 minutes, she blew her nose and saw the appearance of abscesses.

Feasible way to stick to 1?
In 2 weeks, the purulent nose in the nasal cavity can be clearly cleared.

  2) Before going to bed at night, insert three hundred grass leaves into the nasal cavity and change to the other side the next day.

  In addition, it should be noted that sinusitis is closely related to the body’s internal organs. Therefore, the treatment of sinusitis cannot be limited to “treating the nose”. It is necessary to prevent colds, improve immunity, avoid wind heat or cold invasion, and keep teethAnd oral health can completely cure rhinitis.

  Of course, it is best to prevent illness and prevent sinusitis at an early stage and eliminate various factors that cause sinusitis in daily life.

Should prevent colds, have a regular life, exercise regularly, keep the nasal cavity clean, eat more foods containing vitamins, ensure adequate sleep, moderate indoor humidity, and so on.