Are we pseudo couples or pseudo singles?

Are we pseudo couples or pseudo singles?

Two months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend who fell in love for five years, and the wound was very light, but I knew it had a great impact.

I became completely distrustful of love and completely disinterested in love.

I only smiled in my heart when I said happiness, saying, how long can you be happy?

Everything is fake.

Think love is a torture.

Feel love is tiring.

  What is love?

Whoever takes it seriously loses.

  I have a good male colleague.

We have known each other for a year and a half.

Feelings are good, sisters, buddies.

You can say anything, you can make fun of anything.

  He, like me, has been hurt a lot by love.

Like him, I lost the ability to love.

All his love was given to his ex-girlfriend.

He has been with her for more than six years.

The ex-girlfriend is married.

  I know he has always wanted to find a girlfriend, no pressure, easy one.

  After I was single, he said that fat and water did not flow outsiders’ fields.

I said, I’m not interested in love.

  However, he entered my schedule.

He called me every night to send me a message.

Am I in the empty window period?

Ha ha . I really need someone to accompany.

  We date, hold hands, and even, kiss.

  I know he didn’t like me, at most it just felt like that to me, and what about me?

Can’t tell, but I know he’s not the person I’m looking for.

  He may want to develop with me, but I don’t want to fall in love.

  Good malformed relationship, how to locate it?

  After we kissed, these days are still the same as before. He still treats me with the same attitude and speaking.

I’m the same.

I didn’t think of myself as anything.

I have never asked about his life. I don’t think it’s necessary, and I’m not who he is.

Foot bath before bed has some health effects

Foot bath before bed has some health effects

1. Foot bath has hypnotic effect before going to bed. Washing feet with hot water is called “foot bath” or “foot bath”.

The ancient people also knew about the relationship between hot feet and health and their hypnotic effect.

When you were 82 years old, Lu You insisted on washing his feet with hot water before going to bed: “The old man does n’t have to go back to farming and mulberry cultivation, and he has not forgotten the chicken pecks. He washed his feet and went to bed quickly.

“In spring there is a folk ball cloud:” Washing feet in the spring, the sun is lifted off; washing feet in the summer, wet summer can be removed; washing feet in the fall, moistening the lungs and intestines; washing feet in the winter, Dantian warm burning. ”

This folk ballad also succinctly revealed the shortcomings of foot washing in the four seasons.

So why wash your feet before going to bed for hypnosis and fitness?

  Chinese medicine believes that the body’s internal organs have corresponding projections on their feet.

More than sixty acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five internal organs and the six internal organs. The insomnia and dreams of people are caused by the dysfunctional or prosperous state of the yin and yang reflected by the internal organ dysfunction.

Washing your feet with hot water, and actually using moxibustion on these acupuncture points can improve the speed of qi and blood, relax muscles, and nourish the five internal organs and the six internal organs, and restore the balance of yin and yang of the human body, so it has the effects of hypnosis and health treatment.

  Modern medicine believes that many blood vessels are densely packed on the soles of human feet. Washing feet with hot water can expand the capillaries of the feet, accelerate blood circulation, provide more nutrients for the feet, and make the legs and legs metabolism vigorous.

Hot water has a mild stimulating effect. Since numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet are slightly connected to the brain, stimulating nerves on the feet’s heart can inhibit the cerebral cortex, make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and even fall asleep quickly, deepening sleep,Completely and effectively eliminate the fatigue of the day.

  Wash hot water at 42 ℃?
45 ℃, warm and comfortable is appropriate, it is necessary to heat the water while washing to maintain the water temperature, about 15 minutes at a time.

Gently rub your toes and palms with a dry towel after getting out of the basin, and its hypnotic effect will be better.

  2. There is a health-preserving foot bath before going to bed, that is, hot feet.

Practice has proved that foot bath is a self-care method with easy prevention and reliable results.

Therefore, the folk usually have the habit of “a pot of soup before going to bed”, and “feet washing in the spring, the sun is lifted off; foot washing in the summer, dehumidification and summer relieving; foot washing in the fall, lungs and bowels; foot washing in the winter, Dan Tianwen”Burning.”

  Chinese medicine is very valuable for foot health.

The five internal organs of the human body have corresponding projections on the feet. The 12 meridians that connect the internal organs of the human body include 6 from the feet. The feet are the beginning of the three yin of the foot and the end of the three yang of the foot.An acupuncture point communicates with the internal and external environment.

If you can insist on washing your feet with hot water before going to bed, you can stimulate these points, promote the operation of qi and blood, regulate visceral function, and relax the entire meridian, so as to achieve the purposes of eliminating disease and dispel evils, nourishing qi and removing blood stasis, and nourishing vitality.

Modern medicine believes that the foot is the “second heart” of the human body. Numerous nerve endings of the foot are closely connected to the brain and are closely related to human health.

Therefore, often washing feet with hot water can enhance the body’s immunity and resistance, and has the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life.

  From a physiotherapy point of view, hot foot washing is a bathing therapy.

When washing your feet, the water temperature is preferably 40 to 50 ° C. The amount of water is better to submerge the resetting part of your feet. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes.

At the same time, massage your feet slowly, coherently and easily, starting with the soles of your feet behind your feet, until you have a fever.

In this way, local blood vessels can be dilated, peripheral nerves can be excited, blood circulation can be accelerated, and metabolism can be enhanced.

If it can be adhered to for a long time, it basically has health care effects, and also has better curative effects on dizziness, insomnia, and dreams caused by neurasthenia.

If you add certain drugs to the bath water, you can also implant colds, foot problems, frostbite, and joint pain.

6 DIY whitening masks make you white


6 DIY whitening masks make you white

In the fall, whitening is just right.

Whether it’s an alternative “beautiful” girl or a sunny beauty by the beach, in this autumn and high season, they want to come back quickly.

However, the expensive whitening needles in the beauty salons and the valuable whitening products in skin care counters can make you shy.

In fact, whitening does not have to be expensive, and cheap DIY can do it.

  Below, I will introduce 6 DIY whitening masks for you, so that you can restore moisture and whiteness in autumn.

  White and Angelica Xinyi Mask Ingredients: Angelica, White and, Winter Melon Kernel, Xinyi, Honey each amount.

  Method: Grind the above ingredients into very fine powder, add honey to make a paste.

  To use: Avoid eyes, lips, apply to face and complications, wash after 20 minutes.

Beauty effect 2-3 times a week: accelerate metabolism; nourish skin, improve dull skin tone, nourish whitening, make skin white and red, smooth and jade.

  Tip: Suitable for yellowish and rough skin.

  Carrot powdered egg yolk mask ingredients: carrot half root, 1 egg yolk, appropriate amount of powdered flour.

  Method: Take fresh carrots, grind them after washing, add in powder and egg yolk and stir together.

  How to use: After washing your face, apply carrot powder mask on the face for 20 minutes, then wash it off with water.

  Cosmetic effect: This carrot and powdered egg yolk mask contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which can make rough skin white and delicate, and also has the effect of removing wrinkles.

  Tip: For people who often stay up late, carrots are experts in skin care.

It can quickly restore the rough skin caused by labor.

  Ingredients for tofu yeast mask: 50 grams of tofu, 15 grams of yeast powder.

  Method: Put the tofu in a bowl and mash it, then add yeast powder to make a paste.

  Usage: Align a small amount of mask with fingertips evenly, avoid eyes and lips, and massage from inside to outside in a circular motion.

After 5 minutes, apply the remaining mask evenly on the face, and leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse off with water.

  Cosmetic effect: It can effectively whiten the skin, balance the skin’s water and oil components, promote pore shrinkage, make the skin delicate, and effectively prevent the generation of acne.

Tofu contains protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, nicotinic acid and calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients, which can effectively nourish the skin, whiten and delicate the skin, and use the yeast powder to evenly mix it.
  TIPS: Allow the mask to stand for 12 hours, so that the tofu and yeast powder are fully integrated, and used every other day, the effect is doubled.

  Ingredients of yam silkworm mask: 15 grams of yam, 5 grams of white silkworm, 10 grams of white worm, honey, mineral water.

  Method: Grind yam, white silkworm, and white pupa into fine powder, store it in a clean glass bottle after sieving, and use it.

Jiang honey and mineral water are replaced by 5: 1.

Take an appropriate amount of powder and mix with honey water to make a paste.

  Usage: Use a special soft brush to dip the mask to avoid the eyes, apply the lips evenly on the shoulders, and wash them when they are dry.

  Beauty effect: White silkworm contains protein, trace amount, and a mask with nutrient-rich yam can strengthen the moisturizing effect and whiten the skin.

  Huaihua corn bran bran mask ingredients: 3 grams of locust flower, 10 grams of corn, 25 grams of bran, 500 ml of water.

  Method: Put the locust flower, corn shavings and bran into the pot, add water to boil and then cook for 5 minutes, filter and extract the juice.

  Usage: The temperature of the medicinal solution is increased by 40 ° C, dipped in a towel, massaged on the face, and washed after 15 minutes.

Use 2-3 times a week for 5 weeks.

Alternatively, after concentrating the medicinal solution, add flour, mix thoroughly, and apply on the face.

  Beauty effect: whitening and moisturizing, smooth skin.

  Ingredients of papaya honey mask: 1 papaya, 2 spoons of fresh milk, 2 spoons of honey.

  Method: dig out the papaya flesh with a spoon, put it in a bowl, mash it into a mud, slowly add fresh milk and honey to the papaya puree, and stir evenly until it becomes a paste.

  Usage: After washing the face, apply it on the face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes (after applying on the face, cover it with a wet hot towel or use a commercially available paper mask to help absorption), and then rinse with watercan.  Beauty effect: whitening and rejuvenating.

Papaya contains very precious natural fruit enzymes. In addition to antioxidant and promoting the normal metabolism of the skin, it can also deeply clean the dirt in the pores, condense the pores, quickly whiten and tenderen the skin, and fade the spots.

Papaya B vitamins also rejuvenate tired skin and revitalize the skin.

Eggplant can reduce cholesterol in the body

Eggplant can reduce cholesterol in the body

Eggplant is not only delicious, rich in nutrition, but also can lower cholesterol. It is a good food for cardiovascular patients, especially for patients with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and scurvy.

Eating eggplant often can prevent cerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension and retinal hemorrhage caused by diabetes.

  The effect of saponin in eggplant to reduce cholesterol is very obvious.

Brazilian scientists have found in experiments that plasma levels in the human body can be reduced by 10% after eating eggplant.

American nutritionists always put eggplants first when they introduce vegetables that lower cholesterol.

  Eggplants in terms of medicine and food-Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eggplants are naturally bitter and cold, and have effects such as blood stasis, swelling and pain relief, treatment of cold and heat, Qufeng Tongluo and hemostasis.

A lot of experience has been handed down through the ages.

  In addition, eggplant toxic vitamin p, especially purple eggplant content is high.

Vitamin p can enhance the adhesion between human cells, protect microvessels, increase their resistance to disease, maintain normal permeability of cells and capillary walls, and increase microangiogenesis and elasticity.

  Eggplant also provides a lot of potassium.

Potassium has important physiological functions in the human body, can maintain the osmotic pressure in cells, participate in the process of energy metabolism, maintain the normal excitability of neuromuscular, potassium deficiency can easily cause cerebrovascular rupture.

In addition, potassium also has the effect of balancing blood pressure and hypertension.

  In addition, some ingredients in eggplant can prevent oxidative damage, thereby avoiding causing cardiovascular diseases.

  When eating eggplant, there are several points to pay attention to: First, it is best not to peel it. The eggplant skin contains a lot of nutrients and healthful compounds.

  Second, eggplants easily absorb oil during the process of burning or frying, causing the human body to take in too much oil.

There are two tips to avoid “eat” too much oil in eggplant.

One is to steam the eggplant in a steamer before burning it, and then burn it; the second is to fry the eggplant without frying, and fry it over low heat until the water in it is fried and the eggplant becomes soft.After that, it is fired with oil.

  Health reminder: Although eggplant is rich in nutrition and can prevent disease and health, it is cold, spleen and stomach are cold, and people who are prone to diarrhea should not eat more.

Other studies have shown that surgery patients are advised not to eat eggplant one week before the operation, because one of these substances will delay the patient’s implantation wake-up time and affect recovery.

Bathing health functions vary greatly at different water temperatures

Bathing health functions vary greatly at different water temperatures

Bathing is not unfamiliar to people, but baths with different water temperatures have different health effects, and you should choose them according to your own situation.

  Bodybuilding cold water bath Cold water bath refers to bathing in cold water between 10-20 ℃, which can promote skin metabolism and enhance skin nutrition.

People who adhere to the cold water bath for a long time have smooth, rosy, elastic skin, showing healthy beauty.

  In the cold water bath, the blood vessels are about to push a large amount of blood into the visceral blood vessels, and the skin blood vessels expand again after a short stop.Helps prevent vascular sclerosis.

  In addition, the cold water bath can also enhance the functions of the respiratory organs and digestive organs, and play a positive role in preventing the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infections, rheumatism, and arthritis.

  A cold water bath should be taken step by step.

Do not use very cold water at once, the temperature of the water can be gradually reduced to not less than 10 ℃, so that the body has a process of adaptation; it can start from summer, and persist to winter, all year round.

It is best to choose in the morning to help eliminate the inhibited state after sleep and refresh people.

You can also choose to be at noon, but it is generally not suitable at night.

The washing time should not be too long. The short one can be dozens of seconds, and the long one can be several minutes.

It can be taken from the local to the whole body, that is, the face and head bath, foot bath, and then the whole body scrub bath, shower, and even those with good constitutions can go for winter swimming.

  Cold water baths are not suitable for everyone.

Some people’s skin is sensitive to cold water, encountering cold water can produce acute measles, hemoglobinuria, and purple spots; complications include severe hypertension, coronary heart disease, acute hepatitis, cavitary tuberculosis, active rheumatism, sciatica, joint pain and high feverPatients are not suitable for taking cold water baths.

  Calm itch hot bath hot water temperature at 38?
Between 40 ° C, it can cause vasodilation, promote blood circulation, avoid muscle spasm, and have a sedative effect.

Taking a hot bath before going to bed for insomnia can help sleep and reduce itchy skin.

The hot water bath can remove the dirt on the skin, make the pores and sweat glands unblocked, and improve the skin’s metabolism and disease resistance.

  Experiments have shown that typhoid bacillus was planted on clean skin and slightly dirty skin. After 10 minutes of sampling and testing, the bacteria on the clean skin had died, while the bacteria on the dirty skin still existed.

In medicine, hot water baths are used to treat chronic arthritis, fracture healing and other chronic conditions.

  The lung water for warming the lungs refers to the bath between the cold water bath and the hot water bath with water temperature around 34 ℃.

The temperature of a normal person is 36.

Between 5 ° C and 37 ° C, the skin temperature is between 32 ° C and 33 ° C.

The warm water at 34 ℃ is slightly higher than the skin temperature, but lower than the body temperature. It is slightly warmer when touched by hands. After soaking, the body temperature does not change, does not feel cold, and does not feel hot.

  If you want the effect of the spa, but do not want to stimulate as much as the cold water bath and hot water bath, you can choose warm water therapy.

It may be that patients with poor cardiopulmonary function should choose warm water bath for patients with burns.

  The cold and hot alternating bath for bodybuilding starts from the hot water bath. The temperature of the hot water is between 38 ° C and 44 ° C, and the washing time is about 4-6 minutes. Then cold water bath and warm waterBetween 10-16 ° C, the time is about 1-2 minutes, and finally it is still a hot bath.

  Or there are no restrictions on alternating twice, but generally two or three times.

The hot and cold bath can eliminate the physical and psychological pressure of the frail or the cold. Depending on your physical condition, determine the length and number of cold water bath times. You can switch to the hot water bath at any time to quickly warm up the body.Pure cold water bath cation.

Four tips to keep in mind if you want to eat apple peel

Four tips to keep in mind if you want to eat apple peel

Core tip: With so many fruits and pesticides now, do we still want to eat fruits and vegetables?

Due to the different types of pesticides, it is not the best method to only use water soak, or use edible alkali, detergent.

Try to buy green and organically grown fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

  Do you want to eat fruits and vegetables when there are so many pesticides?

  Although there is a problem of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, the U.S. government and nutrition experts have not yet reached a consensus that, relative to the harm of pesticide residues, the adverse health factors of fruits and vegetables, as long as they are eaten correctly, the vegetables are cooked and eaten, and the fruits are washed and removed.Peel, etc., can reduce harm.

  Due to the different types of pesticides, it is not the best method to simply soak in water, or use edible alkali or detergent.

Try to buy green and organically grown fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.
“Eating 5 ‘clean vegetables and fruits’ in the list every day can reduce the amount of pesticides absorbed by the body by 92%.

“EWG Chairman Ken Cook said.

  Peeling can not avoid pesticides. Today, pesticides are pervasive.

Various kinds of herbicides and fungicides are always sprinkled in the soil of the farmland, and they all enter the fruit trees from the root system.

In order to reduce pests such as heartworms, pesticides will be poured from the bark and flow through the trees along the ducts and sieve tubes in the trunk.

In other words, even with peeling, pesticides cannot be avoided.

Because most pesticides are not contacted from the skin at all, and now most orchards are bagged after fruit setting, reducing the chance of direct contact with any sprayed pesticide.

  A study with high levels of heavy metals in the peel found that lead content in apples that were closer to the highway edge increased significantly, and lead in the peel was significantly higher than in the pulp.

Another study found that the concentrations of lead, cadmium, copper, tin, thallium and other heavy metal elements in the peel were significantly higher than those in the pulp.

However, research has not found that because the lead in the exhaust gas is directly contacted and absorbed by the peel, if the bag is put on, the lead content in the peel can be reduced by as much as 80%.

  Is there any nutrition in the peel that is worth our risk?

  It is good for the human body, the zinc element that is easy to lack in prevention, and the chromium element that is good for preventing diabetes. The concentration of the peel is 4 times that of the pulp.

At the same time, the content of polyphenols in the peel is much higher than that in the pulp.

  A study showed that the total polyphenol content in apple peel reached 307mg / 100g, total flavonoids were 184mg / 100g, and proanthocyanidins were 105mg / 100g. These data are beyond the reach of pulp.

Studies have found that the polyphenols extracted from apples have a fairly significant anti-radiation effect, which can delay the survival of irradiated animals; it also promotes the discharge of lead pollution in animals and significantly reduces the liver of lead poisoned miceLead in bones and blood.

  It can be seen that although the apple peel contains slightly more lead than the pulp, it also has a powerful ability to help eliminate lead poison.

Compared with the two, the benefits and harms are not so terrible.

  After all, we eat the benefits of apples and expand their nutritional and health benefits.

Without these things, what’s the point of drinking pure water every day?

  Advice on eating peels: May prefer apples that are bagged.

The skin of this apple is clean and uniform, and it is less affected by pollution gas, pesticide spray, etc.

  Advice on eating peels: Apples mature in the fall, and fresh apples are sold without preservatives at the time, and eating peels is safer.

The least reassuring are foreign apples from overseas, as they must be fresh-preserved, and waxing of foreign fruits is more common.

  Advice on eating peels 3: Fresh apples naturally have a layer of fruit wax on the surface, but there is also a thin layer of fruit powder, which is not light.

After the apples are harvested, in order to increase the value of the products and delay the dehydration of the apples, waxing machines are often used for glazing, and there may be problems such as preservative treatment. Therefore, I see apples with a beautiful and shiny surface, especially anti-season applesIt is best to eat after peeling.

  Advice on eating peel 4: It is best to choose apples with and without pollution, green and organic certification. Such apples will have less accumulation of heavy metals and pesticides, even not equal to zero, and will have less residue than ordinary apple assured.

  Are there some pesticides in vegetables?

Experts in vegetable dish pointed out that vegetable dish and vegetable dish are the most pesticide residues.

For example, the cabbage near the root of the cabbage, the bellows, the recessed part of the bell pepper, more pesticides than other parts, it is best to throw away when eating.

  Why do pesticides on vegetables accumulate in these parts?

Relevant researchers at the National Vegetable Engineering Technology Research Center pointed out that this is related to the growth of vegetables and spraying methods.  Take Chinese cabbage as an example. Firstly, due to the effect of gravity when spraying, pesticides will flow along the leaves and meals and gather under the vegetable gangs. Therefore, there will be more pesticides on the vegetable gangs.

  In fact, because the dish is close to the ground, the chance of pesticide reduction or decomposition caused by day and night wind and sun is relatively small, so the pesticide residue on the dish is more stubborn.

However, some artemisia phospholipids, vegetables, and other vegetables that do not have obvious vegetable help do not have this problem.

  Green peppers, though hanging, still follow this rule.

Experts explained that because the green pepper plants are relatively short, spraying pesticides often tops down, and a lot of pesticides will accumulate in the pedicles of green peppers.

Therefore, vegetables such as bell peppers have this trouble, and other cowpeas and cucumbers do not have such concerns.

  Therefore, when we eat vegetables, it is best to cut off the vegetables near the ground.

For vegetables such as green peppers, you must remove the pedicle before eating.

  Do you want to soak when washing dishes?

  After buying vegetables, many people like to soak in water or salt water for about 20 minutes and a half because they are worried about pesticides on the surface.

Is this method really good for food safety?

  A recent domestic study explained to us: Compared with rinsing vegetables, soaking vegetables will increase the carcinogen nitrite in vegetables, which is not conducive to food safety.

Experts have found that salt water bubbles are no better than adding detergent and rinsing with tap water to remove pesticides.

  Studies have shown that after washing with detergent and then rinsing, the nitrite content in vegetables is lower than that of samples soaked in water for 20 minutes.

Research suggests that it may be because soaking is an anaerobic state, which is conducive to increasing the activity of nitrate reductase and reducing the activity of nitrite reductase, thereby increasing the content of nitrite in vegetables.

Long-term soaking may also damage the leaves and increase the loss of nutrients.

  Small reminder: Do n’t be superstitious about “worm-eye” vegetables. In order to eat vegetables without pesticide residues, many consumers like to buy green leafy vegetables and cowpeas with bug-eyes. They think that such vegetables are definitely not pesticide-free.

  Experts suggest that you should not be enthusiastic about buying vegetables and fruits with insect eyes, and whether or not insect eyes are not the standard for pesticides.

After consumers buy vegetables and fruits with insect eyes, basically no insects are found in the vegetables. Vegetable farmers will not catch insects artificially. Therefore, pesticides are usually removed after insects have occurred.

  He pointed out that the insects killed vegetables and fruits with insect eyes were adults, while the insect-free eyes were killed with larvae or eggs.

It should also be noted that larvae that are more resistant to adult worms may require higher pesticide use.

Moreover, the emergence of adult insects is definitely later than that of larvae. Therefore, the application time of vegetables with insect eyes is closer to the harvest, but the pesticides are decomposed less and the residues are higher.

To sum up, consumers should not believe in the traditional concept that “with worm eyes, there is no pesticide.”

Affordable is the 10 best domestic cleansing products

Affordable is the 10 best domestic cleansing products

Danbabi olive moisturizing deep cleansing oil (makeup remover) Reference price: 14RMB / 75g Introduction Product introduction: High-quality natural olive extract, with excellent adhesive adhesion, deeply cleans the internal dirt on the skin, and easily absorbs capillary poresResidues of dirt, grease and cosmetics.

The high-density foam has a delicate and smooth texture, gently removes the dry, rough and dull aging cuticles of the skin surface, reveals the purified pure skin, and makes the skin truly clean and fresh.

  Recommended reason: take an appropriate amount, pat some water, and gently rub to produce a delicate and smooth foam, which can easily remove dirt, and after cleansing, the skin leaves a charming faint fragrance, as fresh as the grass after rain.

Known as domestic DHC deep cleansing oil, although the price is cheap, the effect can be copied with DHC!

  Brand story: Guangzhou Danbabi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in three years and now has 70 product lines of 13 series.

Committed to providing young consumers with a more independent and preset self-style living space.

  Meijiajing Ginkgo Beauty Facial Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 11RMB / 80g Product Introduction: Ginkgo biloba effectively protects and nourishes the skin, removes harmful substances from the skin, retains the protective layer while washing away excess oil from pores, and prevents skin from being harmed by the external environment.

Unique cleaning ingredients

  Recommended reason: known as the cheapest version of 婵 真 Ginkgo facial cleanser.

The rich foam effectively cleans the deep skin and the surface dirt, and the skin is not dry and tight after washing.

Use daily to keep skin clean, fresh and shiny, and to maintain a comfortable and healthy state.

  Brand story: Meijiajing is one of the representatives of many famous brands in Shanghai Jahwa. It was born in 1962.

The perfect combination of traditional Chinese beauty classics and modern biotechnology, gentle care for the beauty of beauty in China, and to know and accept it.

The representative star product is “US-Canada Cleansing Hand Cream”.

  Skin Meiling Cleansing Cleanser Reference Price: 7.

6 yuan / 190g Product introduction: This product contains unique natural bacteriostatin-LDF and aloe vera, natural whitening factor, hyaluronic acid and other refined products.

In addition to quickly providing the skin with the required moisture, enhance skin metabolism, effectively inhibit bacteriostatic lipids, and eliminate acne and acne caused by retinal worm infection.

  Recommended reason: mild and non-irritating, it has a supplementary effect, and can bring out the dirt in the skin.

After using it to wash the face, the skin is smooth and smooth, and there is no tension.

  Brand Story: Fu Meiling is a brand of Jiangsu Rihui Hongyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, it has a production area of 65,000 square meters and a modern production environment of 6,000 square meters fully air-conditioned, fully sealed, and fully purified according to GMP Jiangsu specifications.

  Yilian Activated Carbon Fine Whitening Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 23RMB / 100ml Product Introduction: Deep cleansing, inhibiting microorganisms, moisturizing the skin.

Through the activated carbon adsorption washing method, physical cleansing and cleansing of the skin can make the dry place feel conditioning and feel soft, while the oily part feels refreshing and fresh, and can inhibit microorganisms and balance skin health.

  Recommended reason: The effect is obvious immediately after use, and the face is immediately white after washing.

Its main feature is charcoal suction, which removes dirt and is therefore rich in foam.

  Brand story: Shandong Furuida Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the important member companies of Shandong Furuida Group. It is a foreign-invested enterprise with technical funds cooperation in China, the United States and Japan.

The company was established in the eighth year of the guidelines and is an “emerging enterprise” recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province.

  An’an Cucumber Whitening Facial Cleanser (Whitening Fast) Reference Price: 7RMB / 200ml Product Introduction: This product uses high-tech biotechnology to replace the new complex skin whitening agent and natural cucumber juice, which is rich in vitamin C and plant protein.It can deeply cleanse the skin, make the skin refreshing and white, without feeling dry and tight.

Often used to make the face tender and white as jade.

  Recommended reason: Scrubbed, deep cleansing.

And the cucumber tastes fresh and washed clean.

Suitable for neutral and mixed MM.

  Brand story: Anan brand was born in the 1980s of reform and opening up, and mainly produces skin care products.

After the unremitting efforts of the An’an people, the An’an brand has been loved and trusted by the majority of consumers, among which the An’an facial cleanser has won many awards.

  Zhaogui Anti-Allergy Cleansing Foam Reference Price: 35RMB / 100ml Product Introduction: The emulsion-like complexion is smooth and smooth, which can gently clean the skin and reduce the irritation to the skin during cleansing. Therefore, it has a variety of anti-allergy essences, which can be effectiveImprove skin immunity, protect sebum film, fully meet the cleaning needs of sensitive skin, and let you enjoy the comfort after cleansing every day.

  Recommended reason: For sensitive, red-blooded skin.

Weakly acidic, non-foaming emulsion lubricant, delicate and gentle.

Gentle cleansing cares for sensitive skin, leaving it clean and comfortable after use.
  Brand Story: Beijing Zhaogui Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in 1996.

Has developed into a large aloe planting, deep processing, product development and sales as one of the large professional enterprises.

  Dabao Beauty Cleansing Foam Reference Price: 13RMB / 220g Product Introduction: A variety of nutritional essences, moisturizing and nourishing, delay skin aging, maintain the skin’s natural acid balance, let the delicate skin appear on the outside, and make the skin fresher and cleaner.

  Recommended reason: Regular use can make the skin delicate, white and tender, and elastic. At the same time, this product can also be applied with lotion.

It also has a variety of nutritional essences, moisturizing and beauty, and delay skin aging.

  Brand story: “Dabao” series of cosmetics have been produced since 1985, and have adapted to different periods and different levels of consumer demand. They have gradually formed more than 100 varieties in five categories: skin care, shampoo, beauty modification, perfume and special use.

It has an excellent reputation in Beijing and throughout the country.

  Herborist Refreshing Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 50RMB / 100ml Product Introduction: Rich in foam, it can thoroughly wash away excess oil and dirt from the facial skin, moderately condense pores, reduce a small amount of synthesis, and make the skin clean and smooth.

It can make the sebum secretion system of human skin gentle, lastingly restore the inherent balance point, and effectively inhibit and treat various inflammations often prevented by oily skin.

  Recommended reason: MM suitable for mixed and oily skin, can make summer more refreshing, and make oily skin too much greasy.

  Brand Story: Herborist is a brand with a completely new concept that Shanghai Jahwa Company introduced to the market in 1998. It is China’s first set of modern high-end personal care products with complete meaning.

She is characterized by herbal supplements, adhering to the essence of Chinese beauty classics, combining the essence of herbal extracts with the latest achievements of modern biotechnology.

  Shan Lana Gold Acne Cleansing Face Wash Reference Price: 22 yuan / 60g Product Introduction: A variety of amino acid-based cleaning ingredients and effective anti-acne factors, which can deeply clean capillary hair fat, dirt, soften the cuticle, accelerate epidermal renewal, and suppress acneGrow and prevent regeneration.

Repairs skin and prevents acne from leaving scars.

  Recommended reason: cheap face cleanser for acne-prone MM love.

It has obvious inhibitory effect on acne growth.

  Brand story: The Shan Lana brand was founded in 1992. At the beginning, it mainly developed and sold special-effect skin care products, such as acne removal, weight loss, and breast enhancement.

  Reference Herbal Seaweed Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 21.

9RMB / 100ml Product introduction: Gentle and clean, skin is soft and smooth.

Low foam and delicate, gently cleans skin texture and dirt in pores, contains seaweed and aloe vera essence, does not take away the required moisture when cleansing, prevents tension after cleansing, and smoothes and moisturizes the skin after washing.

  Recommended reason: The sulfuric acid is not dry and slippery after washing, which is very comfortable.

Suitable for dry skin MM with mixed skin.

  Brand Story: Shanghai Xiangyi Herbal Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic company specializing in the research, development, production and operation of Chinese herbal beauty and skin care products.

“Easy” series of skin care products have anti-acne, freckle, whitening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and other effects. There are more than ten kinds of efficacy medicinal films and aroma masks, which can be called “mask experts”.

Four classic suggestions for a good workplace

Four classic suggestions for a good workplace

Newcomers in the workplace should combine their professions and set goals for life and work.

  Many college students who have just graduated are basically just to support themselves and have accumulated some work experience, and then they are going to be chic, or in the transition stage, taking the time to take the postgraduate study, basically there is not much quality of life and work.Pursuit, if there is a pursuit, it is also some unrealistic ideas, but I immediately hope that the company allows itself to manage a piece of it, get a high annual salary or say to start a business as a boss.

All in all, their goals are in the most realistic and overly idealistic division, and they generally lack a down-to-earth, practical, and well-planned career ideal and living standard.

Therefore, newcomers in the workplace must combine their professional characteristics, hobbies, and company business platforms to restart their career development goals and life goals, and it is particularly important that the goals are based on reality and higher than reality, and can be steadily advanced., The stage works.

The hr supervisor of an enterprise should proactively do a good job of consulting and planning for newcomers, so that employees’ career planning and the company’s human resource planning can find the best possible match, and do their best to establish a good talent training system for the enterprise.

  Second, develop a good attitude and method of doing things.

  Milu once sent a message to the Chinese football team: attitude is everything.

I believe this sentence should also apply to people from all walks of life, especially newcomers in the workplace.

Every enterprise hopes that employees can establish the correct concept of practice, have a reasonable and clear understanding and positioning of the roles between themselves, family, colleagues, supervisors and the company, and deal with daily chores, job assignments, and disputes between colleagues., The supervisor’s criticism and other aspects have a correct attitude, understanding and handling methods.

Therefore, after entering the company, newcomers should learn to make observations, merge companies as soon as possible, understand the company’s management culture, and develop good professional behaviors and ethics, starting with the most basic good attitudes and methods of doing things.

At the same time, hrs should do a good job training for new employees.

  Third, establish correct learning consciousness and develop good learning habits.

  Management guru Drucker once said: In the future, your only competitive advantage is to learn faster than people and move faster.

Reflected in our current era, is to require every professional to establish the concept of learning anytime, anywhere.

Newcomers in the workplace without the help of previous masters, face the endless new situations, and the company’s requirements are becoming increasingly “harsh”. What should I do?

The only thing that can be done is continuous, fast learning, learning from supervisors, learning from veteran employees, learning from our participation and partners and customers.

Learning itself is a process of sensing changes in the environment, analyzing problems, organizing information and wisdom, and putting into action.

Therefore, newcomers in the workplace must abandon the traditional concept of “no, no, no, no, no experience, no experience”, establish the consciousness and concept of learning at any time, anywhere, and in time, and develop an active, positive, and carefulLearning habits of strategies and methods.

HRs should also arrange for good examples within the company to do in-depth communication and exchanges with new employees.

  Fourth, we must be confident.

  Two situations that are prone to newcomers in the workplace are extreme arrogance and lack of opinion.

The former fact appears because of its youth, high education, comprehensive theoretical knowledge, familiarity with new things, and understanding of popular trends, etc., and no one is in sight; most of them appear because they feel that they have no experience and always do not understand the situationWeinuonuo always hides behind others.

The harm of the former is self-evident; for others, especially under the severe forms of current employment, it is particularly important for newcomers to the workplace.

  Experience can only represent the past, quality and ability are reflected in the eyes, and performance is just a goal that must be achieved in the future.

Therefore, there is no need for newcomers in the workplace to lose confidence because they have no experience, and to lose the courage to challenge new goals and meet new opportunities.

HRs should also cheer up newcomers when they set their own work goals, build confidence, and plan realistic-based action guidelines.

  The first few years when a newcomer enters work is a crucial period in his career to establish professional awareness or entrepreneurship.

Therefore, the author hopes that the above four suggestions can give everyone a little inspiration and help, and I sincerely wish the newcomers in the workplace a smooth sailing.

Beauty before going to bed, health, one step in place, the old Chinese medicine recommended health tips, the body is younger!

Beauty before going to bed, health, one step in place, the old Chinese medicine recommended health tips, the body is younger!

Sleeping is a heavy need for people to eliminate fatigue, restoring energy before going to bed is also a key period of health. We can do some health care and help sleep before going to bed, more health, beauty 1, massage Shenmai point Shenmai pointIn the Department of Corruption, the depression between the lower edge and the calcaneus is reorganized.

Chinese medicine believes that Shenmai points have the ability to nourish the heart and calm the nerves, treat insomnia, headache, dizziness and so on.

Method: Before going to bed every day, calm down, use your thumb to press the abdomen for 4-5 minutes, and have a feeling of suffocation.

2, massage Shenmen point Shenmen points in the wrist part, the ulnar wrist flexor tendon of the lateral concavity.

Chinese medicine believes that Shenmen points have the ability to nourish the heart and calm the nerves, treat insomnia, forgetfulness, heart discomfort, etc., and also promote blood circulation of the head and face, nourish skin skin and beauty.

In addition to massage acupuncture points, we can also take a cup of beauty health tea for oral treatment before going to bed, the effect is better 3, lotus seed health beauty tea materials: lotus seeds 15g, longan 10g, jujube 2, black tea, a small amount of honey washed,Put in a casserole and boil in water, then add longan, jujube, red tea, simmer for 20 minutes, add juice, add a small amount of honey to taste.

Chinese medicine believes: lotus seeds, longan nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, can improve sleep, jujube nourishing blood, with black tea, honey.

Not only can give you a sense of stability, but also beauty and beauty, improve women’s qi and blood deficiency.

He Puren: Acupuncture combined with scorpion venom therapy to construct an academic system for treating difficult diseases

He Puren: Acupuncture combined with scorpion venom therapy to construct an academic system for treating difficult diseases

If you have not heard of “Modern New Chinese Medicine Therapy-Scorpion Poison Therapy” in the field of treatment of difficult diseases, then you are simply moving around in the field of difficult diseases; if you have not heard of “He’s Acupuncture Tee” in the field of acupunctureLaw “, then you must not say that you can acupuncture!

  What is “difficult disease”?

Difficult disease generally refers to a class of diseases in which the etiology is complex and unknown, the diagnosis is difficult to unify, and the treatment is difficult.

What is “He’s Tee Acupuncture”?

It is the first Chinese medicine master Professor He Puren who started acupuncture in Chinese medicine for more than 70 years since 1940. He has created a unique acupuncture system. Professor He Puren is a generation of acupuncture masters admired by all beings.The book “Acupuncture Treasury” series of books has become a rare treasure of acupuncture.

  In the clinical treatment of intractable diseases, acupuncture’s auxiliary methods play an irreplaceable and pivotal role, especially in several major incurable diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, pain, gynecology, and tumor diseases. Acupuncture is among them.The effect is almost immediate, and it is even more powerful in the treatment of difficult diseases.

  As early as 2016, the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture”, the heir to the world ‘s shared intangible cultural heritage of humankind, and the “He ‘s Acupuncture Tee Method” established by Chinese medical master He Puren officially became the first auxiliary “new modern Chinese medicine therapy-scorpion venom”The “acupuncture” academic system for the treatment of intractable diseases, Professor He Puren, the eldest son of Chinese medicine master, Professor He Lin was hired as the first specially-appointed professor and personally supervised by the Chinese Traditional Medicine Expert Committee of Intractable Diseases!

The “He’s Acupuncture Tee Method” has standard operating procedures, wide indications, and rapid curative effects, especially for the treatment of difficult diseases such as hypertension, sequelae of stroke, and tumors, which can be significantly cured. This is in line with the “new modern Chinese medicine therapy-scorpion venom therapy”.The concept of treatment of incurable diseases coincides.

  With the modern and innovative therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, the blessing of “He’s three-way acupuncture”, and the self-instructed guidance of Professor He Puren, the eldest son of Chinese medicine, He Lin, you will surely get a quick grasp of “acupuncture” and significantly improve clinical efficacy., Hu You Cang Sheng to remove difficult problems!

Get out of the way of a unique and famous doctor!

  Scorpion poison therapy recent training activities: 2018 Heilongjiang Branch First Scorpion Poison Therapy Feature Class Scorpion Poison Therapy: Offensive Difficulties, Stubborn Disease TreatmentVascular diseases, tumors, and other difficult conditions contain ingenuity and prescription. The combination of prescription medicine and western medicine’s diagnostic advantages and traditional Chinese medicine’s advantagesRemarkably, the operation is convenient, safe and reliable, and there is no substitute. ”Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and“ scorpion venom therapy ”are flexibly combined to achieve the therapeutic effect of simple medicine with less effort.

  Lecturer introduction: Chengwu Ji: Vice Chairman of Chinese Hanfang Expert Committee on Difficult Diseases, Dean of Hebei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Chief Physician and Professor of College of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Hebei Medical UniversityEditor-in-Chief, Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Han Fang Difficult Disease Expert Committee.

  Professor Ji Chengwu will personally and systematically explain to the lecturers the new modern Chinese medicine therapy of this step. All the documents will be obtained by the Chinese Hanfang Expert Committee on Difficult Diseases.The new book, familiar with the book, it is not difficult to become a disease expert!

  Registration method Because the number of participants is limited to 80 people, all participants need to register in advance and refuse to airborne. Registration contact person: Heilongjiang Secretary General Wang Linming (WeChat henme520).

  The value of this academic seminar is 1980 yuan. In order to take care of books in Heilongjiang, this training course is exempt from tuition fees. The board and lodging fee is at your own expense (500 yuan). Scholars can also invite doctors and friends to participate in the study.Room and board for one person!

  Scholars require independent clinics and a licensed physician certificate.

Registration time is from 14:00 to 18:00 on April 6, 2018.

The teaching time is April 7-8, 2018.

Conference address: Dream Blue Hotel, No. 59 Songbei 1st Road, Harbin.

This article only represents the author’s opinion, and does not represent the opinion of the old Chinese medicine health network. If it involves copyright issues, please contact the administrator to delete it!