Don’t open your mouth!


See how we can resolve it?

Don’t “open your mouth”!
See how we can resolve it?

With the advancement of society, elevators in modern buildings have become more and more popular.

Most of the high-rise buildings are equipped with elevators, and elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation in people’s lives.

At the same time as the convenient travel activities, the elevator may also bring the opening of the wind and water.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the open cockroaches, the hazards and the methods of defusing.

What is the opening ,, the opening 鐓? also known as the tiger 鐓?鐓? is a basic suffocation that is often encountered in daily life, especially in modern urban buildings.

Some people choose a house with an elevator at the door for convenience. As everyone knows, the door of the elevator opens and closes, and the mouth of the tiger is one by one.

When you open your own door, you can see the opening and closing of the elevator door, just like the tiger’s mouth. If you live with all the tigers to shoot, it is already an open mouth.

This refers to the impact of the large facade of the house on the elevator. Although it is convenient for the family to enter and exit, it will cause the family to be unhelpful and unable to keep the money. The members of the family are prone to illness and the disease is easy to get bloody.

How to judge if the big fa?ade of the house is “opening” when facing the “mouth” object or the elevator door or the door to the house.

For example, when you open your residential gate, you can directly see the opening and closing of the elevator, just like the mouth of a tiger.

If you live in a tiger mouth, it is an open mouth.

In today’s high-rise buildings, this phenomenon is likely to occur in both office and residential areas.

Because there is an elevator in the same building, there are many elevators, and there are several households on each floor.

Naturally, there are some residential gates that are in contrast to the elevators.

The feng shui solution method of opening 鐓?1 hangs the copper town house sign on the threshold, and the other set of five emperor money in the door biology has the best effect.

2, or place a lion bite sword card, add a silver dollar kit, or place a pair of copper lions or bite swords.

3, on the threshold hangs the opened light curse Guanyin.

4. Place a pair of unicorns in this orientation.

5. Align the opening with a blade or a few steel arrows.

Originally, the house is a place for gathering and cultivating health. Nowadays, it is directly connected with the elevator and the stairs. The anger in the house is sucked up by it. It is a big taboo.

Remedy: Use a screen or a porch instead at the entrance.

There is a screen or porch in the middle, it is not directly hedged.

That is to say, the good and bad of “mouth” should be combined with their own fortune. If you use the right time, “mouth” will be good for yourself; if you are in a state of misfortune, “mouth” will harm your family.Or caused the outflow of family wealth.

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