Eggplant can reduce cholesterol in the body

Eggplant can reduce cholesterol in the body

Eggplant is not only delicious, rich in nutrition, but also can lower cholesterol. It is a good food for cardiovascular patients, especially for patients with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and scurvy.

Eating eggplant often can prevent cerebral hemorrhage caused by hypertension and retinal hemorrhage caused by diabetes.

  The effect of saponin in eggplant to reduce cholesterol is very obvious.

Brazilian scientists have found in experiments that plasma levels in the human body can be reduced by 10% after eating eggplant.

American nutritionists always put eggplants first when they introduce vegetables that lower cholesterol.

  Eggplants in terms of medicine and food-Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eggplants are naturally bitter and cold, and have effects such as blood stasis, swelling and pain relief, treatment of cold and heat, Qufeng Tongluo and hemostasis.

A lot of experience has been handed down through the ages.

  In addition, eggplant toxic vitamin p, especially purple eggplant content is high.

Vitamin p can enhance the adhesion between human cells, protect microvessels, increase their resistance to disease, maintain normal permeability of cells and capillary walls, and increase microangiogenesis and elasticity.

  Eggplant also provides a lot of potassium.

Potassium has important physiological functions in the human body, can maintain the osmotic pressure in cells, participate in the process of energy metabolism, maintain the normal excitability of neuromuscular, potassium deficiency can easily cause cerebrovascular rupture.

In addition, potassium also has the effect of balancing blood pressure and hypertension.

  In addition, some ingredients in eggplant can prevent oxidative damage, thereby avoiding causing cardiovascular diseases.

  When eating eggplant, there are several points to pay attention to: First, it is best not to peel it. The eggplant skin contains a lot of nutrients and healthful compounds.

  Second, eggplants easily absorb oil during the process of burning or frying, causing the human body to take in too much oil.

There are two tips to avoid “eat” too much oil in eggplant.

One is to steam the eggplant in a steamer before burning it, and then burn it; the second is to fry the eggplant without frying, and fry it over low heat until the water in it is fried and the eggplant becomes soft.After that, it is fired with oil.

  Health reminder: Although eggplant is rich in nutrition and can prevent disease and health, it is cold, spleen and stomach are cold, and people who are prone to diarrhea should not eat more.

Other studies have shown that surgery patients are advised not to eat eggplant one week before the operation, because one of these substances will delay the patient’s implantation wake-up time and affect recovery.