Foot bath before bed has some health effects

Foot bath before bed has some health effects

1. Foot bath has hypnotic effect before going to bed. Washing feet with hot water is called “foot bath” or “foot bath”.

The ancient people also knew about the relationship between hot feet and health and their hypnotic effect.

When you were 82 years old, Lu You insisted on washing his feet with hot water before going to bed: “The old man does n’t have to go back to farming and mulberry cultivation, and he has not forgotten the chicken pecks. He washed his feet and went to bed quickly.

“In spring there is a folk ball cloud:” Washing feet in the spring, the sun is lifted off; washing feet in the summer, wet summer can be removed; washing feet in the fall, moistening the lungs and intestines; washing feet in the winter, Dantian warm burning. ”

This folk ballad also succinctly revealed the shortcomings of foot washing in the four seasons.

So why wash your feet before going to bed for hypnosis and fitness?

  Chinese medicine believes that the body’s internal organs have corresponding projections on their feet.

More than sixty acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five internal organs and the six internal organs. The insomnia and dreams of people are caused by the dysfunctional or prosperous state of the yin and yang reflected by the internal organ dysfunction.

Washing your feet with hot water, and actually using moxibustion on these acupuncture points can improve the speed of qi and blood, relax muscles, and nourish the five internal organs and the six internal organs, and restore the balance of yin and yang of the human body, so it has the effects of hypnosis and health treatment.

  Modern medicine believes that many blood vessels are densely packed on the soles of human feet. Washing feet with hot water can expand the capillaries of the feet, accelerate blood circulation, provide more nutrients for the feet, and make the legs and legs metabolism vigorous.

Hot water has a mild stimulating effect. Since numerous nerve endings on the soles of the feet are slightly connected to the brain, stimulating nerves on the feet’s heart can inhibit the cerebral cortex, make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and even fall asleep quickly, deepening sleep,Completely and effectively eliminate the fatigue of the day.

  Wash hot water at 42 ℃?
45 ℃, warm and comfortable is appropriate, it is necessary to heat the water while washing to maintain the water temperature, about 15 minutes at a time.

Gently rub your toes and palms with a dry towel after getting out of the basin, and its hypnotic effect will be better.

  2. There is a health-preserving foot bath before going to bed, that is, hot feet.

Practice has proved that foot bath is a self-care method with easy prevention and reliable results.

Therefore, the folk usually have the habit of “a pot of soup before going to bed”, and “feet washing in the spring, the sun is lifted off; foot washing in the summer, dehumidification and summer relieving; foot washing in the fall, lungs and bowels; foot washing in the winter, Dan Tianwen”Burning.”

  Chinese medicine is very valuable for foot health.

The five internal organs of the human body have corresponding projections on the feet. The 12 meridians that connect the internal organs of the human body include 6 from the feet. The feet are the beginning of the three yin of the foot and the end of the three yang of the foot.An acupuncture point communicates with the internal and external environment.

If you can insist on washing your feet with hot water before going to bed, you can stimulate these points, promote the operation of qi and blood, regulate visceral function, and relax the entire meridian, so as to achieve the purposes of eliminating disease and dispel evils, nourishing qi and removing blood stasis, and nourishing vitality.

Modern medicine believes that the foot is the “second heart” of the human body. Numerous nerve endings of the foot are closely connected to the brain and are closely related to human health.

Therefore, often washing feet with hot water can enhance the body’s immunity and resistance, and has the effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life.

  From a physiotherapy point of view, hot foot washing is a bathing therapy.

When washing your feet, the water temperature is preferably 40 to 50 ° C. The amount of water is better to submerge the resetting part of your feet. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes.

At the same time, massage your feet slowly, coherently and easily, starting with the soles of your feet behind your feet, until you have a fever.

In this way, local blood vessels can be dilated, peripheral nerves can be excited, blood circulation can be accelerated, and metabolism can be enhanced.

If it can be adhered to for a long time, it basically has health care effects, and also has better curative effects on dizziness, insomnia, and dreams caused by neurasthenia.

If you add certain drugs to the bath water, you can also implant colds, foot problems, frostbite, and joint pain.