He Puren: Acupuncture combined with scorpion venom therapy to construct an academic system for treating difficult diseases

He Puren: Acupuncture combined with scorpion venom therapy to construct an academic system for treating difficult diseases

If you have not heard of “Modern New Chinese Medicine Therapy-Scorpion Poison Therapy” in the field of treatment of difficult diseases, then you are simply moving around in the field of difficult diseases; if you have not heard of “He’s Acupuncture Tee” in the field of acupunctureLaw “, then you must not say that you can acupuncture!

  What is “difficult disease”?

Difficult disease generally refers to a class of diseases in which the etiology is complex and unknown, the diagnosis is difficult to unify, and the treatment is difficult.

What is “He’s Tee Acupuncture”?

It is the first Chinese medicine master Professor He Puren who started acupuncture in Chinese medicine for more than 70 years since 1940. He has created a unique acupuncture system. Professor He Puren is a generation of acupuncture masters admired by all beings.The book “Acupuncture Treasury” series of books has become a rare treasure of acupuncture.

  In the clinical treatment of intractable diseases, acupuncture’s auxiliary methods play an irreplaceable and pivotal role, especially in several major incurable diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, pain, gynecology, and tumor diseases. Acupuncture is among them.The effect is almost immediate, and it is even more powerful in the treatment of difficult diseases.

  As early as 2016, the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture”, the heir to the world ‘s shared intangible cultural heritage of humankind, and the “He ‘s Acupuncture Tee Method” established by Chinese medical master He Puren officially became the first auxiliary “new modern Chinese medicine therapy-scorpion venom”The “acupuncture” academic system for the treatment of intractable diseases, Professor He Puren, the eldest son of Chinese medicine master, Professor He Lin was hired as the first specially-appointed professor and personally supervised by the Chinese Traditional Medicine Expert Committee of Intractable Diseases!

The “He’s Acupuncture Tee Method” has standard operating procedures, wide indications, and rapid curative effects, especially for the treatment of difficult diseases such as hypertension, sequelae of stroke, and tumors, which can be significantly cured. This is in line with the “new modern Chinese medicine therapy-scorpion venom therapy”.The concept of treatment of incurable diseases coincides.

  With the modern and innovative therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, the blessing of “He’s three-way acupuncture”, and the self-instructed guidance of Professor He Puren, the eldest son of Chinese medicine, He Lin, you will surely get a quick grasp of “acupuncture” and significantly improve clinical efficacy., Hu You Cang Sheng to remove difficult problems!

Get out of the way of a unique and famous doctor!

  Scorpion poison therapy recent training activities: 2018 Heilongjiang Branch First Scorpion Poison Therapy Feature Class Scorpion Poison Therapy: Offensive Difficulties, Stubborn Disease TreatmentVascular diseases, tumors, and other difficult conditions contain ingenuity and prescription. The combination of prescription medicine and western medicine’s diagnostic advantages and traditional Chinese medicine’s advantagesRemarkably, the operation is convenient, safe and reliable, and there is no substitute. ”Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and“ scorpion venom therapy ”are flexibly combined to achieve the therapeutic effect of simple medicine with less effort.

  Lecturer introduction: Chengwu Ji: Vice Chairman of Chinese Hanfang Expert Committee on Difficult Diseases, Dean of Hebei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Chief Physician and Professor of College of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Hebei Medical UniversityEditor-in-Chief, Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Han Fang Difficult Disease Expert Committee.

  Professor Ji Chengwu will personally and systematically explain to the lecturers the new modern Chinese medicine therapy of this step. All the documents will be obtained by the Chinese Hanfang Expert Committee on Difficult Diseases.The new book, familiar with the book, it is not difficult to become a disease expert!

  Registration method Because the number of participants is limited to 80 people, all participants need to register in advance and refuse to airborne. Registration contact person: Heilongjiang Secretary General Wang Linming (WeChat henme520).

  The value of this academic seminar is 1980 yuan. In order to take care of books in Heilongjiang, this training course is exempt from tuition fees. The board and lodging fee is at your own expense (500 yuan). Scholars can also invite doctors and friends to participate in the study.Room and board for one person!

  Scholars require independent clinics and a licensed physician certificate.

Registration time is from 14:00 to 18:00 on April 6, 2018.

The teaching time is April 7-8, 2018.

Conference address: Dream Blue Hotel, No. 59 Songbei 1st Road, Harbin.

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