Catfish is more plump in winter

Catfish is more plump in winter

Folks have been known as “summer carp, autumn carp and winter carp”, which is mainly based on the taste of fish. Summer carp, carp in autumn and carp in winter are more plump than other seasons.

As for catfish, catfish soup has a moisturizing and nourishing effect, which is more suitable for cold and dry autumn and winter seasons.

Let’s taste this carrot and corn catfish soup today.

  Ingredients: Carrots: 2 scallions: 1 bar (about 400 g) sweet corn: 2 pieces of water: 6 bowls of 3-4 servings of materials: seasoning: sesame oil: 1/4 tablespoon salt: proper amount: 1.

Remove the sweet corn from the coat and wash it, and cut into 4 sections per root; wash and cut the carrots; 2.

2. Wash and slaughter the catfish, scrape the black membrane in the abdomen, and drain the water; 3.

Crack a small piece of ginger, heat the pot, rub the ginger on the pot again, put two tablespoons of oil, let the oil heat up to 60%, fry the fish until slightly yellow, scoop the fish into a clay pot, add ginger4. Flakes and water, boil; 4.

Add carrots and corn, cook in a simmer for an hour, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, digestion and stagnation, moisturizing eyesight.

  ● Gourmet Science Academy Sturgeon Sturgeon is a very common food fish. Although there are many bones, the fish tastes sweet, especially the white peony called by the people. The meat is tender and delicious.

Shunde’s sturgeon porridge is very famous. The key is the chef’s knife. The bones of the whole body of the sturgeon were “thinned” by the master with a knife. Even the shadow disappeared. The fish fillet was added to the boiling white porridge to turn off the fire and sprinkle ginger.The sweetness is indescribable.

  Compared to white pheasants, there are naturally black crickets. The black crickets have a heavy fishy smell and rough meat, so they are cheaper.

Black sturgeon is also good for scallions. It is best to choose caviar. The caviar is very sweet.

  Chinese medicine believes that catfish is beneficial for water and swelling, nourishing qi and spleen, detoxifying, and lactating. Catfish soup has the effect of nourishing and moisturizing. In addition to daily supplements for physical fitness, it is also a traditional soup for maternal lactation.Dried octopus for better results.

Home-cooked bonito soup can be paired with white radish, appetizers, digestion, and fat-reducing weight; with tofu, the two are integrated and complementary in nutrition, with higher nutritional value and reduced reduction; with mulberry leaf lentils, it can clear wind and clear the liver;With mutton, spleen and warm up; with fried eggs, tonicity and lactation.

It is no wonder that the ancient medical book “Ben Cao Jing Shu” has a very high evaluation of catfish: among the fishes, they can eat it often.

  ● Liang Tangxinshui Rub the cracked ginger block on the pan once, and the ginger juice will turn into fish skin without sticking to the pan.