Four classic suggestions for a good workplace

Four classic suggestions for a good workplace

Newcomers in the workplace should combine their professions and set goals for life and work.

  Many college students who have just graduated are basically just to support themselves and have accumulated some work experience, and then they are going to be chic, or in the transition stage, taking the time to take the postgraduate study, basically there is not much quality of life and work.Pursuit, if there is a pursuit, it is also some unrealistic ideas, but I immediately hope that the company allows itself to manage a piece of it, get a high annual salary or say to start a business as a boss.

All in all, their goals are in the most realistic and overly idealistic division, and they generally lack a down-to-earth, practical, and well-planned career ideal and living standard.

Therefore, newcomers in the workplace must combine their professional characteristics, hobbies, and company business platforms to restart their career development goals and life goals, and it is particularly important that the goals are based on reality and higher than reality, and can be steadily advanced., The stage works.

The hr supervisor of an enterprise should proactively do a good job of consulting and planning for newcomers, so that employees’ career planning and the company’s human resource planning can find the best possible match, and do their best to establish a good talent training system for the enterprise.

  Second, develop a good attitude and method of doing things.

  Milu once sent a message to the Chinese football team: attitude is everything.

I believe this sentence should also apply to people from all walks of life, especially newcomers in the workplace.

Every enterprise hopes that employees can establish the correct concept of practice, have a reasonable and clear understanding and positioning of the roles between themselves, family, colleagues, supervisors and the company, and deal with daily chores, job assignments, and disputes between colleagues., The supervisor’s criticism and other aspects have a correct attitude, understanding and handling methods.

Therefore, after entering the company, newcomers should learn to make observations, merge companies as soon as possible, understand the company’s management culture, and develop good professional behaviors and ethics, starting with the most basic good attitudes and methods of doing things.

At the same time, hrs should do a good job training for new employees.

  Third, establish correct learning consciousness and develop good learning habits.

  Management guru Drucker once said: In the future, your only competitive advantage is to learn faster than people and move faster.

Reflected in our current era, is to require every professional to establish the concept of learning anytime, anywhere.

Newcomers in the workplace without the help of previous masters, face the endless new situations, and the company’s requirements are becoming increasingly “harsh”. What should I do?

The only thing that can be done is continuous, fast learning, learning from supervisors, learning from veteran employees, learning from our participation and partners and customers.

Learning itself is a process of sensing changes in the environment, analyzing problems, organizing information and wisdom, and putting into action.

Therefore, newcomers in the workplace must abandon the traditional concept of “no, no, no, no, no experience, no experience”, establish the consciousness and concept of learning at any time, anywhere, and in time, and develop an active, positive, and carefulLearning habits of strategies and methods.

HRs should also arrange for good examples within the company to do in-depth communication and exchanges with new employees.

  Fourth, we must be confident.

  Two situations that are prone to newcomers in the workplace are extreme arrogance and lack of opinion.

The former fact appears because of its youth, high education, comprehensive theoretical knowledge, familiarity with new things, and understanding of popular trends, etc., and no one is in sight; most of them appear because they feel that they have no experience and always do not understand the situationWeinuonuo always hides behind others.

The harm of the former is self-evident; for others, especially under the severe forms of current employment, it is particularly important for newcomers to the workplace.

  Experience can only represent the past, quality and ability are reflected in the eyes, and performance is just a goal that must be achieved in the future.

Therefore, there is no need for newcomers in the workplace to lose confidence because they have no experience, and to lose the courage to challenge new goals and meet new opportunities.

HRs should also cheer up newcomers when they set their own work goals, build confidence, and plan realistic-based action guidelines.

  The first few years when a newcomer enters work is a crucial period in his career to establish professional awareness or entrepreneurship.

Therefore, the author hopes that the above four suggestions can give everyone a little inspiration and help, and I sincerely wish the newcomers in the workplace a smooth sailing.