[Can I eat kelp when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Diet

[Can I eat kelp when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Diet

Kelp is a plant that grows in the sea. I believe everyone has eaten the rich iodine in kelp, which can make the thyroid gland normally secrete thyroid hormones. If the human body is extremely deficient in iodine, it is very likely that thyroid disease will occur.

So eating kelp can prevent the development of thyroid disease.

But after pregnancy, there are a lot of things you can’t eat.

Now let ‘s find out if you can eat kelp when pregnant.

Kelp can be eaten during pregnancy. Kelp is a good iodine supplement for pregnant women. It is acceptable to eat kelp in an appropriate amount during pregnancy, but don’t overdo it.

Expectant mothers have more active thyroid function during pregnancy and will need more iodine.

If the expectant mother has insufficient iodine, it will lead to insufficient thyroxine synthesis, and the development of hypertensive brain must rely on too much thyroid hormone.

If you are deficient in iodine during the fetal period, after birth, you will also show significant levels of mental retardation, short stature, and the lower part of the body is significantly shorter than the upper part.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat kelp 1. Do not eat kelp in excess. Pregnant women can supplement the iodine in the body in time, but do not use too much belt. Eating more can cause erect thyroid development disorder and enlargement. It may appear after the baby is born.Hypothyroidism.

Therefore, expectant mothers should not consume kelp in excess.

2. Beware of harmful poisoning. Today ‘s seawater pollution is serious. Kelp is not only fond of iodine, but it also treats impurities, lead, and mercury equally. So kelp also adsorbs these extremely toxic metal elements. EspeciallyIt has a high arsenic content. The content of arsenic in kelp is as high as 35-50 mg / kg. Long-term consumption of large amounts of arsenic will cause accumulation of poisoning and affect the fetus through the placenta, causing deformities and stillbirth.

The World Health Organization stipulates that the human body’s daily intake of selenium is zero.

05 mg / kg, and the impurity content of dried kelp has greatly exceeded the above standard.

In order to ensure the safety of edible kelp, the edible kelp can be soaked with sufficient water for 24 hours according to its characteristics that can replace water. During the soaking process, the water must be changed frequently. After 24 hours, the water is dried and stored for future use to prevent poisoning.
3, kelp cold cooking is important to pay attention to the diet of pregnant women, pregnant women can add some ginger juice, garlic, etc., but do not put too much oil.

The kelp method suitable for pregnant women is to make soup with meat and bones or shellfish. When cooking soup with kelp, you should pay attention to it. Put the kelp in the back, without the lid, and cook for 5 minutes on high heat.

Kelp stir-fry is also available, such as stir-fried kelp shredded pork, kelp shrimp, and fried kelp before boiling the fresh kelp with boiling water, so that the fried vegetables are more crispy and delicious.

Or porridge with mung beans, rice, and cold dressing are also good choices.