Affordable is the 10 best domestic cleansing products

Affordable is the 10 best domestic cleansing products

Danbabi olive moisturizing deep cleansing oil (makeup remover) Reference price: 14RMB / 75g Introduction Product introduction: High-quality natural olive extract, with excellent adhesive adhesion, deeply cleans the internal dirt on the skin, and easily absorbs capillary poresResidues of dirt, grease and cosmetics.

The high-density foam has a delicate and smooth texture, gently removes the dry, rough and dull aging cuticles of the skin surface, reveals the purified pure skin, and makes the skin truly clean and fresh.

  Recommended reason: take an appropriate amount, pat some water, and gently rub to produce a delicate and smooth foam, which can easily remove dirt, and after cleansing, the skin leaves a charming faint fragrance, as fresh as the grass after rain.

Known as domestic DHC deep cleansing oil, although the price is cheap, the effect can be copied with DHC!

  Brand story: Guangzhou Danbabi Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in three years and now has 70 product lines of 13 series.

Committed to providing young consumers with a more independent and preset self-style living space.

  Meijiajing Ginkgo Beauty Facial Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 11RMB / 80g Product Introduction: Ginkgo biloba effectively protects and nourishes the skin, removes harmful substances from the skin, retains the protective layer while washing away excess oil from pores, and prevents skin from being harmed by the external environment.

Unique cleaning ingredients

  Recommended reason: known as the cheapest version of 婵 真 Ginkgo facial cleanser.

The rich foam effectively cleans the deep skin and the surface dirt, and the skin is not dry and tight after washing.

Use daily to keep skin clean, fresh and shiny, and to maintain a comfortable and healthy state.

  Brand story: Meijiajing is one of the representatives of many famous brands in Shanghai Jahwa. It was born in 1962.

The perfect combination of traditional Chinese beauty classics and modern biotechnology, gentle care for the beauty of beauty in China, and to know and accept it.

The representative star product is “US-Canada Cleansing Hand Cream”.

  Skin Meiling Cleansing Cleanser Reference Price: 7.

6 yuan / 190g Product introduction: This product contains unique natural bacteriostatin-LDF and aloe vera, natural whitening factor, hyaluronic acid and other refined products.

In addition to quickly providing the skin with the required moisture, enhance skin metabolism, effectively inhibit bacteriostatic lipids, and eliminate acne and acne caused by retinal worm infection.

  Recommended reason: mild and non-irritating, it has a supplementary effect, and can bring out the dirt in the skin.

After using it to wash the face, the skin is smooth and smooth, and there is no tension.

  Brand Story: Fu Meiling is a brand of Jiangsu Rihui Hongyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, it has a production area of 65,000 square meters and a modern production environment of 6,000 square meters fully air-conditioned, fully sealed, and fully purified according to GMP Jiangsu specifications.

  Yilian Activated Carbon Fine Whitening Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 23RMB / 100ml Product Introduction: Deep cleansing, inhibiting microorganisms, moisturizing the skin.

Through the activated carbon adsorption washing method, physical cleansing and cleansing of the skin can make the dry place feel conditioning and feel soft, while the oily part feels refreshing and fresh, and can inhibit microorganisms and balance skin health.

  Recommended reason: The effect is obvious immediately after use, and the face is immediately white after washing.

Its main feature is charcoal suction, which removes dirt and is therefore rich in foam.

  Brand story: Shandong Furuida Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the important member companies of Shandong Furuida Group. It is a foreign-invested enterprise with technical funds cooperation in China, the United States and Japan.

The company was established in the eighth year of the guidelines and is an “emerging enterprise” recognized by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province.

  An’an Cucumber Whitening Facial Cleanser (Whitening Fast) Reference Price: 7RMB / 200ml Product Introduction: This product uses high-tech biotechnology to replace the new complex skin whitening agent and natural cucumber juice, which is rich in vitamin C and plant protein.It can deeply cleanse the skin, make the skin refreshing and white, without feeling dry and tight.

Often used to make the face tender and white as jade.

  Recommended reason: Scrubbed, deep cleansing.

And the cucumber tastes fresh and washed clean.

Suitable for neutral and mixed MM.

  Brand story: Anan brand was born in the 1980s of reform and opening up, and mainly produces skin care products.

After the unremitting efforts of the An’an people, the An’an brand has been loved and trusted by the majority of consumers, among which the An’an facial cleanser has won many awards.

  Zhaogui Anti-Allergy Cleansing Foam Reference Price: 35RMB / 100ml Product Introduction: The emulsion-like complexion is smooth and smooth, which can gently clean the skin and reduce the irritation to the skin during cleansing. Therefore, it has a variety of anti-allergy essences, which can be effectiveImprove skin immunity, protect sebum film, fully meet the cleaning needs of sensitive skin, and let you enjoy the comfort after cleansing every day.

  Recommended reason: For sensitive, red-blooded skin.

Weakly acidic, non-foaming emulsion lubricant, delicate and gentle.

Gentle cleansing cares for sensitive skin, leaving it clean and comfortable after use.
  Brand Story: Beijing Zhaogui Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in 1996.

Has developed into a large aloe planting, deep processing, product development and sales as one of the large professional enterprises.

  Dabao Beauty Cleansing Foam Reference Price: 13RMB / 220g Product Introduction: A variety of nutritional essences, moisturizing and nourishing, delay skin aging, maintain the skin’s natural acid balance, let the delicate skin appear on the outside, and make the skin fresher and cleaner.

  Recommended reason: Regular use can make the skin delicate, white and tender, and elastic. At the same time, this product can also be applied with lotion.

It also has a variety of nutritional essences, moisturizing and beauty, and delay skin aging.

  Brand story: “Dabao” series of cosmetics have been produced since 1985, and have adapted to different periods and different levels of consumer demand. They have gradually formed more than 100 varieties in five categories: skin care, shampoo, beauty modification, perfume and special use.

It has an excellent reputation in Beijing and throughout the country.

  Herborist Refreshing Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 50RMB / 100ml Product Introduction: Rich in foam, it can thoroughly wash away excess oil and dirt from the facial skin, moderately condense pores, reduce a small amount of synthesis, and make the skin clean and smooth.

It can make the sebum secretion system of human skin gentle, lastingly restore the inherent balance point, and effectively inhibit and treat various inflammations often prevented by oily skin.

  Recommended reason: MM suitable for mixed and oily skin, can make summer more refreshing, and make oily skin too much greasy.

  Brand Story: Herborist is a brand with a completely new concept that Shanghai Jahwa Company introduced to the market in 1998. It is China’s first set of modern high-end personal care products with complete meaning.

She is characterized by herbal supplements, adhering to the essence of Chinese beauty classics, combining the essence of herbal extracts with the latest achievements of modern biotechnology.

  Shan Lana Gold Acne Cleansing Face Wash Reference Price: 22 yuan / 60g Product Introduction: A variety of amino acid-based cleaning ingredients and effective anti-acne factors, which can deeply clean capillary hair fat, dirt, soften the cuticle, accelerate epidermal renewal, and suppress acneGrow and prevent regeneration.

Repairs skin and prevents acne from leaving scars.

  Recommended reason: cheap face cleanser for acne-prone MM love.

It has obvious inhibitory effect on acne growth.

  Brand story: The Shan Lana brand was founded in 1992. At the beginning, it mainly developed and sold special-effect skin care products, such as acne removal, weight loss, and breast enhancement.

  Reference Herbal Seaweed Moisturizing Cleansing Milk Reference Price: 21.

9RMB / 100ml Product introduction: Gentle and clean, skin is soft and smooth.

Low foam and delicate, gently cleans skin texture and dirt in pores, contains seaweed and aloe vera essence, does not take away the required moisture when cleansing, prevents tension after cleansing, and smoothes and moisturizes the skin after washing.

  Recommended reason: The sulfuric acid is not dry and slippery after washing, which is very comfortable.

Suitable for dry skin MM with mixed skin.

  Brand Story: Shanghai Xiangyi Herbal Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic company specializing in the research, development, production and operation of Chinese herbal beauty and skin care products.

“Easy” series of skin care products have anti-acne, freckle, whitening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and other effects. There are more than ten kinds of efficacy medicinal films and aroma masks, which can be called “mask experts”.