Folk therapy for sinusitis

Folk therapy for sinusitis

Sinusitis, also known as “nasal abyss,” is a common ENT disease that has a high incidence in adults and children.

Chronic sinusitis is difficult to cure due to its long course and recurrent episodes.

The following introduces a folk therapy, which is a good method for patients with long-term drug treatment but no effect.

  Sinusitis is often secondary to upper sensation or acute rhinitis. At this time, symptoms and symptoms become worse, chills, fever, loss of appetite, constipation, and general discomfort.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and cough can occur in children.

The patient’s pus and nasal discharge increase and are not easily exhausted, such as irritation of the pharynx, cough and cough, and even nausea and headache when flowing backward into the respiratory and lower respiratory tract.

  The following introduces folk remedies for sinusitis: 1.

Material: Saururus chinensis 2.

The specific method: 1) Boil 20g of 300 herbs and 500ml of water to half two, three times a day empty serving.

Will 3?
4 pieces of three hundred herb leaves are mashed, a small amount of salt is kneaded into small balls, and they are stuffed into the nostrils on both sides, and wait for 30?
After 60 minutes, she blew her nose and saw the appearance of abscesses.

Feasible way to stick to 1?
In 2 weeks, the purulent nose in the nasal cavity can be clearly cleared.

  2) Before going to bed at night, insert three hundred grass leaves into the nasal cavity and change to the other side the next day.

  In addition, it should be noted that sinusitis is closely related to the body’s internal organs. Therefore, the treatment of sinusitis cannot be limited to “treating the nose”. It is necessary to prevent colds, improve immunity, avoid wind heat or cold invasion, and keep teethAnd oral health can completely cure rhinitis.

  Of course, it is best to prevent illness and prevent sinusitis at an early stage and eliminate various factors that cause sinusitis in daily life.

Should prevent colds, have a regular life, exercise regularly, keep the nasal cavity clean, eat more foods containing vitamins, ensure adequate sleep, moderate indoor humidity, and so on.