Benefits of lumbar pillow

Benefits of lumbar pillow

Excessive back and leg pain patients, although they have been treated too much, the symptoms had improved for a time, but closed the implantation of back and leg pain.

Many of these patients have forgotten or had a word that the orthopaedic surgeon repeatedly told: In addition to treatment, rest at night and even sleep on a hard bed, and a soft pillow under the waist.

The lower lumbar pillow can maintain the lumbar spine in a physiological forward stance, relieve the excessive stretching of the lumbar muscles caused by daytime fatigue, ensure the relaxation of the lumbar muscles, fully rest at night, and consolidate the achieved effects.

After the lumbar muscles relax, their blood flow is also improved, and the strained lumbar muscles are gradually repaired by tissues, which strengthens muscle strength and muscle tension, which is conducive to the next day’s activities.

For compression fractures of the lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae, the lower back cushion also promotes the gradual reduction of the fracture and reconstructs the contractile low back pain.

Patients with lumbar process can widen the intervertebral space by lowering the pillow under the lumbar pillow, reduce the pressure on the intervertebral disc, eliminate the pressure on the horse’s tail and nerve root, and have long leg pain.

  Even for healthy people, we recommend not to try to sleep under the lumbar pillow.

The method of the lower back cushion pillow is: in a supine position, insert a soft pillow about 10 cm high into the lumbosacral region or the painful area under the waist, adjust it to your comfort and satisfaction.

But it must match a hard board bed or a hard Simmons bed.

Never sleep on a wire spring bed or other soft bed, otherwise the cushion effect will be replaced.

It may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but you should insist on it. At least 1 month before you see the results.

After the symptoms of waist and leg pain are significantly reduced or disappeared, remove the soft pillow.

But hard-beds are best kept asleep.